A history in maps

Growing up I always loved riding in cars, and as soon as I got my license I was behind the wheel. But the kind of driving I love now I can trace back to one very important roadtrip. In 2002 I didn’t know much except that I need to be somewhere else, and that the road would help. So I drove and I sketched my first solo roadtrip across the highways. Somewhere in the 455 miles of I40 in Tennessee I saw the majesty in the open road, really, for the first time. So I roadtrip – in search of the perfect curve in the road, and am happiest with road stretched before me and the promise of dinner with friends new or old on the other end. The important thing isn’t getting somewhere, really, but learning to see along the way. Unless, of course, the road to is there to take me to a rockshow or other insanity, in which case, I’ll get there fast, and take the long route home.

This blog is here to chronicle my love affair with the highways small and large and the view through my viewfinder as I find stillness and peace.


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