the unexpected vacation

After driving the parkway, I was lucky enough to spend a few days in the Carolinas and Virginia driving the small roads, visiting friends and family, and seeing some of my favorite bands. I haven’t lived in South Carolina for 11 years now but driving the state and US highways of the state, will always feel different from anywhere else in the world: they are all the first roads I loved.

From the Carolinas to Virginia first Norfolk and then Richmond. It was there in Richmond where this trip changed significantly. At Belle Isle in Richmond, I slipped in the James River and fell and broken my arm in two places. Thankfully, I had friends with me to help me to and through the Emergency Department and the first few days, family to help me through surgery and recovery, and enough stubbornness to get through the rest of it. With hope, luck, and a bunch of metal in my arm, this vacation gets back on track tomorrow – different, more air miles and alot more pain, but not over.

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