Concert Photos of 08

I have a resolution to write here more and to write about photography more in 09. I’m going to try an kick start that by talking about some of my favorite photos of 09. First up: my 12 favorite concert photos of 08 in chronological order (all taken w/o flash):

Shonna Tucker of Drive-By Truckers, The National, Richmond, VA 03/28
Maxxum 5D, 120mm, f5.6, 1/60, 3200 iso
I love the FNW on her bass in tape and the way she is glowing in that white light (w/o being overexposed)

Greg Hutchinson’s bassist, Songs for 65 Roses, Cat’s Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC 05/02
Maxxum 5D, 450mm, f5.6, 1/8, 1600 iso
The stillness in the right side of the frame and the motion in the left. The colors and the dings in the upright bass.

Jason Isbell, The Norva, Norfolk, VA, 06/19
a350, 127mm, f4, 1/25, 1600 iso
I love the dreamy, etheral quality of this. Pleasantly out of focus and fading away.

Jason Isbell, The Norva, Norfolk, VA, 06/19
a350, 202mm, f4.5, 1/40, 1600 iso
That beam of blue light is one of the coolest things I managed to catch all year

Ben Nichols of Lucero, Ottobar, Baltimore, MD, 08/13
a350, 105mm, f4, 1/30, 1600 iso
One of my favorite things about concerts are the amazing moments of stillness in all the action and passion.

The Desert Boys, Rock Obama, Sonar, Baltimore, MD, 09/08
a350, 90mm, f5.6, 1/50, 1600 iso
Person eclipsing the red light.

Bob Crawford of The Avett Brothers, Pavilion, Charlottesville, VA, 09/20
a350, 215mm, f4.5, 1/60, 1600 iso
the clean light and the full frame and the flower stuck in the bass headstock

Jesse Malin, The Revival Tour, First Unitarian, Philadelphia, PA, 10/10
a350, 52mm, f5.6, 1/15, 3200 iso
If people are going to insist on using flash in venues, I am going to attempt to use it as a fill light. Sometimes I get very lucky.

Mike Cooley of Drive-By Truckers, Rock & Roll Means Well Tour, Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC, 11/03
a350, 225mm, f4.5, 1/60, 800 iso
Just a gorgeous capture of a true rock moment

Patterson Hood, Rock & Roll Means Well Tour, Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC, 11/03
a350, 90mm, f5.6, 1/2.5, 3200 iso
Patterson Hood gives the rock show everything he’s got and it shows here with him glowing in the light

Sarah Balliet of Murder by Death, Ottobar, Baltimore, MD, 11/08
a350, 120mm, f4, 1/30, 3200 iso
A moment of perfect repose

The Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC, 11/19
a350, 135mm, f4, 1/20, 800 iso
Light is a really really beautiful thing.


2 responses to “Concert Photos of 08


    I love seeing this! Like on A’s post, it’s a treat for me to get to see why you like the photos you do.

    And I hadn’t seen a lot of these, so it was fun.

  2. Thanks, it was alot of fun to do. I’ve got a few more photo reviews coming up.

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