Other favorite photos of 2008

Photos not of Alaska or rock’n’roll. Instead photos of places both near and far, mostly from day or weekend trips to explore. 12 photos in chronological order.

Dawn at Isle of Palms, SC, 02/08
Maxxum 5D, 52mm, f5.6, 1/50, 800 iso
The just breaking dawn and a cloud painting the sky like a paintbrush.

Sunrise at Isle of Palms, SC, 02/09
Maxxum 5D, 27mm, f3.5, 1/20, 800 iso
It was Feb and cold and standing ankle deep in the water off the sandbar to get this picture was one of the most beautiful things I did all year.

Sunset at Isle of Palms, 02/10
Maxxum 5D, 105mm, f9, 1/320, 100 iso
If you stand in just the right place on the beach the IOP watertower will spilt the sun as it falls.

Orpheus Statue at Fort McHenry, Baltimore, MD, 06/03
a350, 27mm, f10, 1/400, 100 iso
I love it when the clouds come out to play. Also, I love that statue for its odd location and beauty.

Blue Ridge Parkway, VA, 06/12
a350, 30mm, f10, 1/160, 100 iso
Maybe my favorite picture of the year. It both propels and explains my wanderlust. The line of the road and the heat in the sky and play between them.

Seton Lake, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, 07/09
a350, 75mm, f13, 1/1000, 400 iso
At the exact spot this photo was taken there is a bench where I could watch a day pass by

Cassiar Highway, British Columbia, 07/10
a350, 105mm, f6.2, 1/160, 100 iso
I love the curve of the road and the clouds covering the Cassiars in the background.

Pollinating Bumble Bee, New Market, MD, 08/31
a350, 105mm, f8, 1/125, 100 iso
Sometimes I get lucky and catch a perfect small moment.

Footpaths in the Dew, Casselman River Bridge State Park, Grantsville, MD, 09/01
a350, 105mm, f4, 1/125, 125 iso
Perfect in the early morning light.

Paw Paw Tunnel, Paw Paw Tunnel State Park, MD, 09/01
a350, 75mm, f9, 1/200, 800 iso
The reflection cutting into the dark.

Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, VA, 09/20
a350, 52mm, f13, 1/200, 800 iso
This picture is everything I love about the Skyline: a shock of color, the mist in the mountains in the distance, the curving road. Perfect.

Sunset on the Cheaspeake Bay Bridge, MD, 10/26
a350, 36mm, f9, 1/80, 400 iso
The sun setting perfectly timed with our crossing the Bay Bridge. Beautiful.


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