Don’t you hear that battle cry?

Summer on the beach, 1980, originally uploaded by Ash Crowe.

“At some point in the life of every sports fan there comes a moment of reckoning. It may happen when your team wins on a last-second field goal or three-point basket and you suddenly find yourself clenched in a loving embrace with a large hairy man you’ve never met and with whom you have nothing in common except allegiance to the same team. Or it may come in the long, hormonally deplete days after a loss, when you’re felled by a sensation oddly similar to the one you felt when you first experienced the death of a pet. In such moments, even the fan who rigorously avoids anything approaching self-awareness is sometimes forced to confront a version of the question others – spouses, friends, children, and colleagues – have asked for years: ‘Why do I care?'” – Warren St. John, Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer

I come by college football fandom honestly. That’s me in the picture, on the beach clutching tight to my Duke football. I wonder every year why I care, and every year I’m back again to say IT IS FOOTBALL SEASON! The long, sad off-season is over; game on! Here’s to a good bowl game for your team and a beautiful fall & winter full of football.


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