Or even a very good dinner

The moments of happiness—not the sense of well-being,
Fruition, fulfillment, security or affection,
Or even a very good dinner, but the sudden illumination—

-TS Eliot, Dry Salvages II, Four Quartets

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today. I’m a few minutes from heading off for a nine hour drive south that has a very good dinner (more than one, in fact) at the other end of it. And this morning I’m thankful for those dinners, the family that will be there, my well-being, fulfillment, security, etc. But I’m also so very thankful for those moments of illumination where, for just a moment, the light hits right, or the trees clear, or a note lingers, or any of the other moments when the world reveals that illumination, that connection to everything. I’m happy and thankful to have such moments on this day, and every day.


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