Top 15 albums of 2009: #15-11

Bombadil @ Baltimore Chop, originally uploaded by Ash Crowe.
  • 15. Bombadil, Tarpits & Canyonlands – I am in no way unbiased about this album or this band. Amazingly nice dudes who make excellent and more than a little insane much. Also, in “So Many Ways To Die” they rhyme William Howard Taft with “laugh”. The album, both musically and sonically, is a huge step up from their previous album and just fantastic.
  • 14. Molina & Johnson, Molina & Johnson – Last year, Will Johnson’s Centro-matic put out my favorite album of the year. This year, Jason Molina’s Magnolia Electric Co. put out an album that is in my top five. So this album, which brings them together beautifully, was sure to fall somewhere on my list. If you already like one or both of them you are sure to love this, or, it serves as an excellent introduction to both of them. Stand out track: “Almost Let You In”
  • 13. Phosphorescent, To Willie – It’s an album of Willie Nelson covers, and its a love letter to beautiful heartbreaking sparse country songs. Stand out track: “Reasons to Quit”
  • 12. John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives, Spills and Thrills – Classic sounding rock and roll, two-step & 60s rock and roll beats. This album sound like nothing else I heard this year. It draws me in more every time I listen to it. Stand out track: “Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart”
  • 11. Great Lake Swimmers, Lost Channels – The deeper we get into winter, the more I enjoy this album. Just about a perfect album to curl up with and watch cold gray winter rain. Stand out track: “Pulling on a Line”
  • #s 10-9


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