Top 15 Albums of 2009: #8 -7

#s 10 -9

  • 8. Drag the River, Bad at Breaking Up – This is the only album on my list that isn’t a proper studio album, instead it’s a collection of odds and ends, but it starts with a cover of “Having a Party” and keeps on rolling through 19 more previously unreleased (or not on an album) studio cuts. It’s more consistent than most albums of its kind; the longer the drive, the more sense this album makes. Stand out track: “A Way With Women”.
  • 7. Red Collar, Pilgrim – It’s an album for all the 30-something year olds who spent their childhood turning up the music as loud as it’d go and who still sometimes feel that is the right answer. When I feel like I need all the bad day to be blasted out of my brain, what I hear is how hard it rocks. When I’m having a good day, what I hear is how darn good the lyrics are and how smart the turns of phrase are. Either way it is an very awesome record. Stand out track: “Used Guitars”



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