Deliver Me From Nowhere

There is kitschy old song that goes “If I knew you were coming, I would have baked you a cake.” (if you know the song, apologies if it is stuck in your head now.)
If Durham knew I was coming it would have thrown a benefit where one of my favorite local singers covered the album Nebraska to help raise money for someone who is a family friend.
Oh, wait, that happened.
Everything to do with prepping for this move has felt hectic and a little rushed, but last night I knew that I’d moved back at exactly the right time. It felt amazing to be back home.

Jason Kutchma of Red Collar and a host of other local musicians performed amazing arrangements of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska to benefit Niko Harlan and The Coalition to Unchain Dogs. It was a beautiful show that hopefully raised a bunch of money.


One response to “Deliver Me From Nowhere

  1. Wow, yeah, clearly Durham is GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK.

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