Finest Worksong

I haven’t talked about my work at all on here. But this weekend I spent some time thinking about what my photography informs in my work, and whether I could see my work (briefly: management, hospital supply chain logistics) in my photography.
I think, with pictures like this one, my fascination for how things work and the logistics of the everyday world really come through.
And becoming a better photographer has made me a better manager. When shooting, I can’t control the light or work against it; I just have to work with what light I can find, tweak other settings and make the shot I want. Frequently at work, there is at least one variable I can’t control, so to get the needed end result, we have to work with what we can and move the moveable mountains. The more I shoot the more adept I get at finding the workable light, of making it work.
So, on this first day of a new job, where I’m going in cold and don’t yet know which are the moveable and which are the unmoveable mountains, my photography is a reminder that I learn, that I will learn. And this photo in particular is proof that sometimes it only takes a sliver of something workable to get a pretty amazing result. And that is a beautiful reminder.


One response to “Finest Worksong

  1. Good luck at the new job! I know you’ll be fine, though.

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