All of This Is Doing Cartwheels

Half of this is magic. Half of this is make believe. All of this is doing cartwheels. – Matt the Electrician, “Half Magic”

This weekend I got to lay on the grass and listen to an excellent show by Preservation Hall Jazz Band & My Morning Jacket and then follow it up with a CD release show for American Aquarium.
And, if I still lived in Baltimore, I would have come down for this weekend. I was gifted with a ticket to My Morning Jacket ticket long before I knew I was moving – and I wouldn’t have missed the American Aquarium show.
It was a big weekend, and I would have been here for it regardless, but during all these big moments it really, well, hit home that I’ll be here for all the little nights and the ordinary moments and everything else now. The little moments that all together add up to something magical – and I’ll be here for the actual magic (because I have amazing friends).
The next line in the chorus of the song I quoted to start this post goes “all of this is what I leave” and that just isn’t true for me any more. All of this is what I came home for. The big huge amazing moments, and the little tiny ones, the chance encounters, everything all melded together until my brain is doing cartwheels.

It’s good to be home.


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