Let There Be Rock

Six years ago to night I went to my first Drive-By Truckers show. It was an epically long three hour and ten minute set (four hours of total music with the opener – The Moaners opened if I remember correctly).
It was a fantastic show. The set list: Where the Devil Don’t Stay, Sink Hole, Outfit, The Living Bubba, When the Pin Hits the Shell, Do It Yourself, Careless, Dead Drunk & Naked, Guitar Man Upstairs, Goddamn Lonely Love, Lookout Mountain, Marry Me, The Company I Keep, Rebels, Ain’t Never Gonna Change, Heathens, Mama Bake A Pie (Daddy Kill A Chicken), My Sweet Annette, Women Without Whiskey, Daddy’s Cup, Hey Ya*, Zip City, Let There Be Rock
Encore: Uncle Disney, The Assassin, Buttholeville, Shut Up & Get on the Plane, Keep on Smilin’, Danko/Manuel, Carl Perkins’ Cadallac, Hell No, I Ain’t Happy, Decoration Day, Tornadoes, People Who Died.

31 songs, 4 of them covers. 6 years and around 25 DBT shows later, it is still my favorites DBT show (yes, even over the Cooley shows at the 9:30 club in 2009). Download the boot and be in awe.
Not only was the music amazing, I met amazing people – some of whom are still good friends – and left the show looking forward to the next rock show.

Patterson Hood likes to sing about how rock & roll saved his life. The rock show he and the rest of the band put on 6 years ago today is not only my favorite DBT show but one of my top 10 all time best shows from any band. It may not have actually saved my life that night, but it certainly changed my life. People I met that night both became great friends and introduced me to people who are my closest friends now. And the show left me with the belief that sometimes a weeknight rock show more than worth the painful early work morning that follows. And I walked out of that show eagerly anticipating the next DBT show and the next one and the next.
6 years and 25 DBT shows later (plus 10 or so Jason Isbell shows and a solo show or two), it is a night worth celebrating (with a weeknight rock show, of course). Thanks for all the music DBT.

I have no photos from that show with me now. Somewhere in my 5 moves and 4 hard drives in the last 4 years I lost almost all the jpgs of my film photos and negatives are all in boxes in storage. So a photo from 2005 instead of 2004.


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