Potato, Corn & Mushroom Casserole

Potato, Corn & Mushroom Casserole, originally uploaded by Ash Crowe.

one of the advantages/disadvantages of making alfredo by heart is that I occasionally make too little and usually make too much. So I needed something to do with that sauce (w/o making pasta again) so, a little improvisation.

4 ears of corn
1 pint or so new potatoes
4 oz shiitake mushrooms
1 cup thick alfredo sauce
1 cup half & half
1/2 cup whipping cream
2 tbls butter
five spice & ground cinnamon
salt & pepper
parmesan (grated)

Start potatoes boiling in salted water. Remove corn from the cob into a large skillet with butter & mushrooms. Add five spice & cinnamon, salt & pepper to taste. In a sauce pan, heat milks and then slowly add alfredo sauce. Once potatoes are cooked through, drain & add to pan with corn & mushrooms. Once incorporated, move everything to a baking dish and mix in cream sauce. Add parmesan to the top. bake at 400 for 20-30 minutes, then broil for 5-10 minutes.


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