Hopscotch Round-up

Lucero, Lincoln, Hopscotch, 09/09/10

I saw all or most of the sets of 26 bands in 3 days & heard snippets of 5 or 6 more bands. Overall, it was a great festival. A ton of music packed into three days. If the exact same lineups were all playing next weekend, I could pick a completely different schedule for myself and still have just as much fun. Here is what I saw (links to photos):

—-Thursday: Ponderosa, John Howie Jr. and the Rosewood Bluff, All Tiny Creatures, American Aquarium, Lucero

—-Friday: The Beast, Harlem, The Rosebuds, Broken Social Scene, Bellafea, Ryan Gustafson, Kingsbury Manx, Sharon Van Etten, Erin McKeown, The Small Ponds

—-Saturday: Lurch, Free Electric State, Red Collar, Des Ark, Old Ceremony, Kid Future, Aquarelle, Balmorhea, Tiger City, Bear In Heaven, Tortoise

Hopscotch maybe over, but the good music in the area is far from done. Just a few of the bands playing in the next 10 days: Frontier Ruckus, Jay Clifford, Superchunk, Sea Wolf, SPARKcon, Paleface, Holy Ghost Tent Revival, The Old Ceremony, The Moaners, American Aquarium, Drive-By Truckers, Samantha Crain, Murder by Death, & Titus Andronicus. If you went to Hopscotch, but don’t usually go to shows locally, look around, there are lots of great shows by local & touring bands every week. Go out, rock & roll.


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