Troika Pass, 11/02/10, originally uploaded by Ash Crowe.

There are alot of music festivals in the area. And there is a long list of reasons why you should go to each one.
I could make a similar list for Troika: last local 2010 show for Red Collar and other bands, a chance to see lots of great local bands you love already, and a chance to see bands you’ve never seen before, etc.
But what I’m really looking forward to this year at Troika are all the soft reasons. And those are pretty easy to sum up with this one photo: My pass for the weekend came in the mail with a hand written thank you note. Yeah, it’s that kind of rock festival.
Also, crazy affordable: $25/3-day pass. $10/1-day pass. And if you can afford to pay more go here and pay more for your ticket as a donation to Friends with Benefits.
Pre-party is Wednesday night. Festival kicks off Thursday.
It’s time for Troika. Let’s rock.


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