Albums of the Year 2010: 11-15

Glossary @ Ottobar, 08/13/08, originally uploaded by Ash Crowe.

11. Glossary, Feral Fire – I forgot about this album for alot of the year because once I heard it, it slipped so seamlessly into my music collection – like a piece that had always been missing. Just a great album. Stand out track: “Lonely is a Town.”

12. Band of Horses, Infinite Arms – Some albums are best listened to in cars, some are best listened to live in bars. This, though, this is an album for headphones. (as are the next two albums) The musical layering is at once fine and rich. It deserves the attention required to listen closely to every move. Stand out track:
“Infinite Arms.”

Matt Pond PA, Local 506, Chapel Hill NC, 05/22/10

13. Matt Pond PA, The Dark Leaves – Just leave the headphones on for this one. Easily it’s Matt Pond PA’s best album. It rings of the beginning of spring. In those days when the cold is finally breaking and the dense layered sky opens up to begin to reveal a simple picked guitar, this is the album. The whole things sounds like those breath stealing moments at the end of Light Boxes feel. (and if you haven’t read Light Boxes yet go, do) Stand out track: “Specks.”

Gray Young, Casbah, Troika, 11/06/10

14. Gray Young, Staysail – My favorite local album of the year. It’s three parts post-rock, one part vocals. At the CD release show, they played the whole album straight through and it was glorious to hear. Stand out track: “Meridian (Picture).”

15. Strand of Oaks, Pope Killdragon – Sparse in all the right places. Just an excellent singer-songwriter album and the most imaginative of the year (I mean, there is a super sad song about Dan Aykroyd). Stand out track: “Alex Kona.”


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