Albums of the Year 2010: 6-10

6. The Besnard Lakes, Are the Roaring Night – Their last album was my favorite album of 2007 so you know I love this band. The way this album ebbs and flows it feels like it breathes at times. Olga Goreas’ airy voice is an amazing contrast to the fuzzy guitar and heavy, lingering drums. The contrast and the play between creates an amazing tension. Stand out track: “And This Is What We Call Progress”

7. The National, High Violet – I can’t imagine there is anyone reading this who doesn’t have this album already. It’s excellent. Stand out track: “Runaway.”

8. J. Roddy Walston & The Business, J. Roddy Walston & The Business – It’s a nearly impossible task to take all the energy of a J. Roddy show and pour it into a recording. This record comes about as close as I imagine is possible. It’s rock and roll at its most about to come unhinged glory. The whole album teeters and rocks and hits like a hard party – like the front row of a J Roddy show. Sweaty, loud, rock and roll. Stand out track: “Used To Did.”

Drive-By Truckers, Lincoln Theatre, NC, 02/13/10

9. The Drive-By Truckers, The Big To-Do – It isn’t still the #1 album of the year for me (obviously) but other than that, I stand by everything I said about this album here. Yes, I’m biased. Yes, it is a great album. Stand out track: “Birthday Boy.”

10. The Mynabirds, What We Lose in the Fire, We Gain in the Flood – It’s understated and slow-burning soul. Laura Burhenn has an amazing voice, the band and production are almost timeless. It’s a good thing this album is short because every time I play it I start wool-gathering, distracted into daydreams by the music. Stand out track: “We Made a Mountain.”


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