Best Shots of 2010: 1-5

Shirlette Ammons, Mosadi Music, Troika, Durham Central Park, 11/04/10
Sony a350, 50mm fixed, 400iso, f/13, 1.3sec
This is a technique I started playing with at the beginning of the year, this is the shot where I figured it out perfectly and still the most successful. Small aperture, long exposure, still performer, moving the camera while exposing to trail (or lead) the light. All done in camera. The light looks like sound. Best shot of the year, full stop.

Soundboard at Black Cat, Washington DC, 1/16/10
Soundboard at Black Cat, Washington DC, 1/16/10
Sony a350, 28mm fixed, 1600iso, f/2.8, 1/6
I love empty space. The almost pure black of most of the frame is such a sharp contrast to the white light on the soundboard. Just clean and crisp.

Isle of Palms at Sunrise, 04/03/10
Beach Path, Sunrise, Isle of Palms, SC, 04/03/10
Sony a350, 50mm fixed, 100iso, f/3.5, 1/100
I don’t take very many pictures that show whimsy. This photo is my resolution to shoot more of them in 2011. I love the DOF and perspective here. And the fact that it always makes me smile.

Bowerbirds,This Machine Kills Cancer
Beth Tacular, Bowerbirds, This Machine Kills Cancer, Triangle Brewing Company, Durham, NC, 06/19/10
Sony a350, 18-125mm zoom at 110mm, 800iso, f/4.5, 1/10
Everything about this is gorgeous. That’s all.

Motorco, Troika, 11/06/10
Fogged Windows, Troika, Motorco, Durham, NC, 11/06/10
Sony a350, 50mm fixed, f/1.6, 1/40
There are many things I adore about Motorco; on the list is the wall of windows that look out onto Geer St. When the venue is packed, the windows fog up. This photo is from the very end of Troika, after Hammer No More The Fingers had fogged up the windows to close the festival. The street light shining through is beautiful, as are the swirls that the crowd couldn’t help drawing in the condensation.


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