The Magnolia Collective, The Station, Carrboro

The same thing holds true of Magnolia Collective as holds true of This Year’s Models: if you are going to be a cover band, be a great cover band. And both succeed. Magnolia Collective is perfectly suited for its reoccurring gig at The Station in Carrboro. Great musicians, playing songs they love to a crowd of folks ready for the weekend. Good times. I’d been meaning to make it to one of the shows for a couple of months now. Glad I finally did. I’ll be back. full photo set

This week, while posting has been quiet, I’ve been working on a few improvements to this page and my flickr. On the blog there is now an info page with more actual info & a calendar of shows I’ve been to and shows I’m going to. On flickr I pulled together a photo set for all the venues I’ve shot in. 56 venues in all (since 2008); you can see them all in a collection here. Useful for browsing, curiousity, and when you need help remembering, for example, exactly what the light is like at the 9:30 Club (answer, if you don’t want to click: the light at 9:30 Club is A+ awes).
Hope people find the new pages useful. If there are other things you’d like to see, let me know.


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