Messed up like a sunset

In 2008 I drove to Philly after a long work day to see Jesse Malin w/ The Revival Tour; last night I drove to Raleigh on worknight to see Jesse Malin. Clearly, he falls on the list of artists I’ll drive to see. Because he’s always worth it – even if it made for a tired, early morning. I certainly wouldn’t say no to Jesse Malin show a couple of miles from my house, but until that happens, I’ll drive.
Last night’s show was just a joy. His 2010 album was really solid, but live those songs are all multiplied by an awesomeness factor. St. Marks Social is a great band. Malin is an amazing performer – not only did he go into the audience, he went to the back of Kings and sang from on top of the bar. And the old songs, oh man, there in the encore he played “Cigarettes and Violets” (the first song of his I fell for) and it sounded perfect.
full photo set


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