Too many options

Tonight is one of those nights where there are truly an embarrassment of concerts.
I’m going to Divebar in Raleigh to see The Campaign 1984 opening for The Static Minds. The Campaign 1984 sounds like if you went back in time to 1994 and got into the minivan I drove then and pressed all the presets on the radio at once. Static Minds sounds like fast muscle cars and twisting roads. If that isn’t your cup of tea, or you don’t feel like driving to Raleigh, almost every venue in the area has a great show.
Open Eye, Carrboro – Onward, Soldiers
ArtsCenter, Chapel Hill – Birds & Arrows
Cave, Chapel Hill – John Howie, Filthybird
506, Chapel Hill – Pipe, The Bastages
Slim’s, Raleigh – Moaners, North Elementary

and those are just a few of the options. Just a stellar night for music. Enjoy.


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