Chose Your Own Adventure

I’d never been to the Layabout before, but, golly, the light has the beautiful ethereal quality that is just gorgeous (and forces manual focus which accounts for some of the mood in the photos). And beyond the light, it is a great place to see a show. Will be back again.

Then, thanks to The Layabout making a go of starting early, I got to head from there over to Pinhook to see The Mercators close out the night with a great set.
The Mercators, Pinhook, Durham NC, 2/17/11
Two very different shows, friends and other friendly faces at both. And I haven’t even mentioned the weather yet. Gorgeous and spring-like. Even last night at 1 AM it was still 60 degrees out.

It’s 70 and sunny now and totally time to go enjoy a good dinner with a great friend (at a picnic table outside in February!).

Luego photo set

Mercators photo set


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