Mount Moriah’s CD Release

I walked out of Mount Moriah’s CD release show at 12:45 last night. The first thing I did was put the CD on in the car on the way home. I sat in my driveway and listened to the last two songs in the cool spring night with an owl hooting in the background of the music. It’s 8 in the morning and I’m already on my second time listening to the album this morning. Yes, it is that great.
Mount Moriah, Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC, 04/15/11
Simply put: the album is grab your attention stunning. It’ll give you chills, probably make you cry, sound like catharsis, sound like hope. It’s beautiful.
The lyrics are adroit. They put you in instantly into the place of the song (“I fell for you in your attic, over the hum and grind, of afternoon traffic”) while still opening the song up to make it a place where you can gain purchase into it’s heart (“you know it’s true, I would sell this show for love, records for the ride to your affection.” both quotes from “Planes”).
Mount Moriah, Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC, 04/15/11
Heather McEntire’s voice is stunning. Jenks Miller on lead guitar (and all the music) wraps gorgeously around her voice.
I know I’m gushing. I’m good with that. This album is worth it. Buy it here from Holidays for Quince records.

The show last night served as not only as an album release but also a showcase for Holidays for Quince records with The Moaners & Filthybird opening the show. Not only have Jenks & Heather put out a mighty fine album, their whole label is mighty fine as well.

See the full photo set here


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