it’s one foot and then the other

I’m sorry I was always casting stones like my glass house couldn’t be smashed
I spent as many nights as wild as a lion I was lucky that I never crashed
Look, I’ve never really been an angel, I see a lot of myself in you
This little town can feel a lot like prison and angry young men always have something to prove

I know you ended up with bills to pay
I know she promised you that she would stay

Second chances are a crime to waste, so don’t let time decide
C’mon kid, c’mon, it’s one foot and then the other
Everybody needs a hand sometimes everybody needs a brother

– Dave Hause, “C’mon Kid”

(whispering along with Dave Hause, because I’m still to horse to sing along, while he played on the back porch at The Pinhook to, basically, me and my friends is one of music the highlights of the year thus far.)


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