Hopscotch Preview: Day Parties

First, a great resource: a google calendar of Hopscotch including day/after parties. Fabulous.

Last year, the Hopscotch day parties offered some of the most interesting bills, particularly for people who adore local bands.

The same may be true this year. To me the day parties are about 3 three things: 1. curated shows, 2. local bands, 3. schedule decompression.

Curated: Trekky Records, 307 Knox/Homoground, Hometapes, Arbor Ridge Studios, Churchkey/Layabout, DiggUp Tapes, Odessa, Three Lobed/Holidays for Quince, …. All these folks are sponsoring shows where they’ve pulled together folks on their labels and friends. It’s a great way to hear new bands because there is good point of reference. The bands you don’t know at the Trekky show will fit in with the bands you do know, etc.

Local bands:For the festival itself, about 40% of the bands playing are local bands. But that still leaves many, many local bands out. I haven’t run the numbers but it seems that about 80% of the bands at day parties are locals. Which is an excellent thing. Playing day parties: Pink Flag, Gray Young, Small Ponds, The Moaners, Birds & Arrows, Jeff Crawford, Shirlette Ammons, The Rosebuds, American Aquarium, Midtown Dickens, etc. Go see local bands.

Schedule decompression: Des Ark, Last Year’s Men, Annuals, All Tiny Creatures, Mount Eerie, Frank Fairfield, and more are playing both night shows and day parties. So if you can’t, for example, choose between The Prayers and Tears & All Tiny Creatures at night, the easy answer is to see All Tiny Creatures at the Hometapes day party.

For my part, I plan on going to parts of the following day parties.
Thursday: 307 Knox/Homoground, Flanders Gallery, maybe Guitartown, and I’m working the Moment’s Note Hopscotch opening for a while on Thursday.
Friday: Arbor Ridge Studios, Churchkey/Layabout, HoopScotch, Artist & Author series
Saturday is an embarrassment of day parties, I’m going to try for: American Aquarium & Friends, Rosebuds & Friends, Hometapes & Trekky, Lump, College Radio.

Much like the festival itself, the day parties are packed to the gills, will pit beloved bands and against beloved bands, and they are completely worth missing sleep to add (basically) another entire festival to your Hopscotch.

(also, day parties are free,even w/o a Hopscotch pass)

Full list of all the Hopscotch coverage from this blog here


4 responses to “Hopscotch Preview: Day Parties

  1. hope you had fun at the 307knox/homoground day party!

  2. nice! mind if we post them on our website? we will credit you and link to your site of course!

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