Hopscotch Reflections:Dan Schram

To close out my Hopscotch posts this week, I wanted to give some other folks who are a part of our music community a spot to talk about their Hopscotch. First up, Dan Schram who is a local videographer who took video at Hopscotch and is generally an awesome music fan.

Here’s the interview:

Question: How was your Hopscotch?
Answer: Awesome, really got a chance to see it more than last year. It was great to once again see so many people from all over the country so happy to be there experiencing it all. Posterscotch put on by the good folks at Amplified Art (City Market) was a non-musical highlight. Those folks have so many great pieces that I could easily drop a paycheck there.

Question: What band or set really knocked your socks off?
Answer: The Flaming Lips. I know most people want to say the best set was by the loudest band in the smallest club with the worst light/sound, but I really dug seeing The Flaming Lips in all their glory on Fayetteville Street. Other standouts include Frank Fairfield, Steve Gunn, Skylar Gudasz, Josh Moore, Last Year’s Men, Wooden Wand, Drive-By Truckers, Generationals, Beach Fossils, Titus Andronicus, Budos Band.

Question: What’s the next show you are going to?
Answer: Hoping to get to The Morning After at The Pour House Friday but will likely be capturing tape from Hopscotch all week. Steve Earle at DPAC Saturday for sure though.

Question: What upcoming show are you most looking forward to?
Answer: I’d say the Mandolin Orange cd release show at Cat’s Cradle 9/24. Having seen them many times and watching them develop as musicians, as well as the development of their songs, this is really the culmination of all their hard work over the past year or so and I’m honored to have seen it firsthand.

Question: What do you think makes this music scene special?
Answer: Wow, very loaded question. I would really say it comes down to the passion everyone has for music in this area. Be it, the musicians who are going above and beyond to produce something creatively fresh and unique, to the folks who attend the shows religiously, to the venue owners/bookers, to the professional/homegrown media. Also the fact that there is so much talent in the area, there’s something for everyone if they just want to take that leap of faith and look for it.

Question: Anything else to add?
Answer: More people need to sit back and think about all the work that it took to put Hopscotch on and continue to thank the Indy, Greg Lowenhagen and Grayson Currin throughout the year because its a mammoth undertaking. Those folks should receive the key to the city for Hopscotch because of its impact on the local economy as well as Raleigh’s image nationwide as a destination.

PS people complaining on twitter about anything related to Hopscotch need to just relax and enjoy the vibes…

Awesome. Dan has one video from Hopscotch up already, and it’s the finale of his favorite set from the festival: The Flaming Lips “Do You Realize”

You can see more of Dan’s great work on his youtube channel here

Full list of all the Hopscotch coverage from this blog here


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