Hopscotch Reflections: Magician Michael Casey

To close out my Hopscotch posts this week, I wanted to give some other folks who are a part of our music community a spot to talk about their Hopscotch.
Today, Magician Michael Casey who is an A+ music fan and an amazing performer who is always stunning to watch. For me, his magic isn’t in the trick itself, but in the joy and surprise of the reactions he gets.

Here’s the interview:

How was your Hopscotch?
Hopscotch was pretty rad. I think more than anything I really liked seeing so many people come out, and ultimately come together, to see such a spectacular line up. I tend to always just go to one venue for one night of hopscotch, but, there is always at least that ‘one’ that I would really want to see. I think it’s going to just get bigger and better every year.

What band or set really knocked your socks off?
This year it was definitely Frontier Ruckus. They have this undefinable quality of music that hovers somewhere between folk, pop, and indie rock. It’s a genre bender for sure, but truly always a great show.

When is your next local show?
My next show is at Festifall put on by the town of Chapel Hill, on October 2nd. I’ll be roaming around doing street magic. People should come. It will be fall, and fall is always fun!

What upcoming show (other than your own) are you most looking forward to?
That would easily be Cracker and Red Collar at Motorco. Red Collar is just not to be missed and they never disappoint. I think the Magnolia Collective has something good going with that, and I’ll probably venture out to see them play soon as well. I do like a lot of the touring acts this fall, namely, I’m really stoked about Low Anthem and William Elliot Whitmore at the Local 506.

What do you think makes this music scene special?
Well, it’s very familial. I think scenes that are not like that, will eventually die. Music needs fans and lovers from all walks of life. The triangle offers a lot of really great venues, and a really tight knit music scene. Now, that’s not without it’s oppositions and musical taste variance, but, all in all, it’s super supportive.

Anything else to add?
I was disappointed that I didn’t see Mare-Mare at Hopscotch. Not really a band, per se, but more of an idea and a harkening back to times past.


For more info about Michael, check out his website and like him on facebook

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