Hopscotch Reflections: Jeremy Blair

To close out my Hopscotch posts this week, I wanted to give some other folks who are a part of our music community a spot to talk about their Hopscotch.
Today, Jeremy Blair who played the Saturday Sadlack’s day party with his band Effingham and is also a brilliant supporter of local bands and a music blogger.

Here’s the interview:

How was your Hopscotch?
The entire weekend, day and night, i wanted to be downtown every chance I got and while I was there I was having a blast. As evidence my Saturday began at 11 AM by setting up for the Sadlack’s day party and I got home at 4 AM after Jennyanykind. I think I had a very GOOD Hopscotch.

What band or set really knocked your socks off?
Organos. I haven’t given them enough attention. The playful, innocent, happy energy of their stage performance had me giggling. It was one of those sets that you just smile from start to finish. I also have to add our headliner Flaming Lips…I’ve seen them once before at Lolla, standing shoulder to shoulder a city block away from the stage. Witnessing it from just a few yards at city plaza was absolutely dazzling.

When is your next local show?
My band Effingham plays next at the Motorco birthday Bash on Saturday 9/24…we play in the Garage stage at 4 PM before The Wigg Report. BOOM. ty for asking.

What upcoming show (other than your own) are you most looking forward to?
The next local show I am taking in will be Greg Humphreys cd release/welcome home party at Casbah on Sunday. Greg has been in Prague touring and chilling this summer…so I’m hoping for some good stories to go with his good music.

What do you think makes this music scene special?
I believe that this music community is fueled by inspiration. For every one band that reaches a degree of notoriety and success, three bands are inspired to take the leap, write some songs, and get on stage. That engine keeps new people turning to the local music scene for their entertainment. Pretty beautiful how its working.

Anything else to add?
Hopscotch impresses me as a festival for the musicians as much as it is for the music followers. The scene downtown on Saturday was surreal…it seemed like the entire local music community had taken to the streets. Every few steps you got the chance to stop and have a chat with someone you know. Please pardon the cliche’ …there was a lot of love in the air. Also Hats off to Grayson Currin and Paul Siler and the rest of the Hopscotch organizers. I can’t fathom the degree of brain power that it must take to plan this event and then make it work. It makes my head hurt to even think about it.

Side note; I just saw Grayson an hour ago on the street. I stopped him to give a compliment and also said I couldn’t believe he was out and about this early after Hopscotch. He just smiled and said “No rest for the weary.” …If I were him I’d be on a three week vacation catching up on sleep.


Find out more about Effingham on the band blog and read more from Jeremy on his blog Secret Carrboro Ninja Patrol

Full list of all the Hopscotch coverage from this blog here


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