Midtown Dickens, Pinhook

Ridiculously fun and delightful show by Midtown Dickens at The Pinhook last night.

But first, a quick review of the Fleet Foxes show in Raleigh last night. Earlier this year I was amazed that a crowd stayed during a light (1 song long) rain at the Gillian Welch show. Last night at the Fleet Foxes was a completely different level of dedication. During The Walkmen’s opening set a light rain started and I was amazed that there were still people streaming in to the show. By the Fleet Foxes, it was raining, it was pouring, like I’ve taken showers with less water pressure than that rain. And the rain didn’t stop. Until the rain blew out the PA, though, people stayed and danced and sang along. I was glad to not have my camera because keeping it dry would have been impossible, but also because that show wasn’t about the visual. It was about tilting my head back in the cool rain and singing along. Beautiful.

Then, after the PA finally gave in to the rain, we left so that I could make it to see Midtown Dickens at Pinhook. I arrived as they were on (probably) their fourth song or so. And it was just a joy to see them play a full band set to the home crowd.

Midtown Dickens, Pinhook, Durham NC, 09/21/11
It was, as you’d expect, charming and delightful.

Midtown Dickens, Pinhook, Durham NC, 09/21/11
But I was also impressed by how *good* it was. Similar to The Low Anthem earlier in the week, I think it is easy to see Midtown Dickens’ instrument swapping and etc and focus on that and miss that these are all really good songs.

Alot of fun? yes, always. And a really good concert? yes, that too.

It was a perfect way to kick off a great weekend of music in Durham (kicking off the weekend on a Wednesday, because this weekend is that full). All that, and I was home by midnight.

Full photo set here


One response to “Midtown Dickens, Pinhook

  1. Fleet Foxes was fun albeit a bit wet.

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