Great Durham Weekend, Part one

This weekend there are an abundance of shows and events all over Durham. So, (because I’m a little crazy, want to make a point about how much there is to do, and because I got a commission to do so) I’m going to attempt to cover as much of what is going on this weekend in Durham as possible.

First, the best thing about a great Durham weekend is that there is so much going on that it spills over into not just Thursday, but Wednesday night as well.

The Midtown Dickens show at Pinhook on Wednesday night started the ball rolling.

Thursday night brought weekly jazz shows at Beyu Caffe (early) and Whiskey (late).

Brian Horton Jazz Trio, Whiskey, Durham NC, 09/22/11
Whiskey (everyone who complains about lights in venues should try shooting at Whiskey, that’s ISO3200, f1.4, 1/10sec)

As well as concerts at Pinhook w/ Ember Swift and Humble Tripe (unfortunately, I missed this one), Birds & Arrows and John Howie Jr & the Rosewood Bluff at Casbah and Mosadi Music and others playing a benefit at Motorco.

Birds & Arrows Soundcheck, Casbah, Durham NC, 09/22/11
Birds & Arrows soundcheck for their Casbah show.

A night full of music, and all of this was really just the lead-in to the weekend. Tonight: Humble Tripe at Parker & Otis, Joan Soriano at Motorco, Ayr Mountaineers & Lacy Green at Broad St Cafe, and pre-Pride dance parties at Pinhook, Casbah & The Bar.

Full photo set from last night in Durham is here

Full weekend summary/timeline is here


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