Get Happy Along The Way

Take some chances, allow yourself to get lost
Your beautiful baby, your the boss
You’ve gotta learn to get happy along the way

There’s no foe to follow
Only stones left unturned
You must play with fire
In order to get burned

Toss your misery out the door
What are you waiting for?

You gotta learn to get a little happy along the way..
Its alright to change your style
Its alright to smile
Its alright to get a little happy along the way.

-Langhorne Slim, “Diamonds & Gold”

My September was phenomenally busy, between Hopscotch, a bunch of good shows, and the Durham Music feature/series I did last weekend, I shot nearly 100 bands in September. Saturday night I went to a show and took a few pictures and in the morning I just wasn’t happy with anything I shot, so I posted nothing.

Yesterday evening I was talking to a friend about fighting back against that burnout. I told her that what usually works for me is a concert that reminds me why I love live music. Where I can sit on the stage or stand in the front row with a blissful smile and sing along to every word. Where I take pictures just to remember the joy of the night.

So, lucky for me that Langhorne Slim played last night in Durham. 100% worth a late Sunday night. Just wonderful.

Langhorne Slim, Casbah, Durham NC, 10/02/11

Langhorne Slim, Casbah, Durham NC, 10/02/11

It was a stellar, two encore, almost two hour show. They played a good number of songs that they are going to record onto an album next month and many old favorites.

Just a delight.

And now I’m really looking forward to shooting another show (tonight most probably) amazing how that works.

Full photo set here


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