Pinhook Kickstarter

Dark Dark Dark, Pinhook, Durham NC, 10/05/11

If you read this blog on the regular, this will come as no surprise to you:
I’m awfully fond of The Pinhook.

My absolute favorite thing about Pinhook is that they truly care about what the community thinks about the venue and are constantly working to improve and be the best venue for all the music and etc. that they provide.

Where else would snarking about the lights on twitter result in great conversations with the owners about how to best tweak the lights?

Super responsive, super community-focused, and excellent booking including more and more high profile national acts. And to do everything they want to do, and to continue to improve, the next step is a better sound system. And, of course, they are community-sourcing it.

The kickstarter is here. There are some great rewards at all donation levels. And if you come in at $500 or more the reward includes a portrait by yours truly that’ll hang at Pinhook (and a copy for you), groovy.

Many folks have written excellent posts to drum up support for this kickstarter, but my favorite has been from Ross Grady, so I’m just going to quote him here:

It’s like this, y’all: Venues like the Pinhook are every bit as non-profit (moreso, really) than actual “official” non-profit arts institutions. If the Pinhook were actually a fully for-profit joint, then your crazy-ass band wouldn’t be playing there to 45 people on a Saturday night with a $5 cover.

So if your crazy-ass band has ever played the Pinhook on a Saturday night to 45 people with a $5 cover (or if you’ve ever been one of those 45 people) then you oughta step up & acknowledge that these folks are in it for love, and not money (just like you are!) and stop expecting them to be self-sustaining without the occasional infusion of community support.

Yes, exactly.

Kickstarter is here, go donate.

ETA: I made a video to support the kickstarter.

Kickstarter is here, go donate.


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