Lights, Camera, Action

No one told me that becoming a concert photographer would mean that I would eventually learn how to operate lights at venues.

But in this case, it does.

I’m lucky to have excellent working relationships with both Motorco and Pinhook and, this week, have been busy working with the owners of each to reposition and reprogram the lights.

Still a little more work to do at Motorco, and tonight’s Pinhook show is a test of how close those lights are now.

But, more than the work to do, and, yes, more than the fact that my photos will now have cleaner light in each place, what I’m actually really thankful for is the chance to help out with the lights in the first place.

This is part of why I love Durham, and the Durham music scene in particular, because here it is cooperative and collaborative. Here I get to work with venues on how to improve the lighting. Here venues trust this photographer with their light board.

It’s really pretty beautiful.

And hopefully the bands and fans and audience members (without and with cameras) appreciate the revised looks of each stage.


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