Jeff Mangum, 01/30/12

There are no photos for this post. The show last night was strict on no cameras, and it was really, really pleasant to just sit and enjoy and absorb the music.

The opening act managed something I didn’t think was possible: they hit a frequency (when playing the guitar with a beer bottle in that deeply resonate room) that made the metal in my arm ring like a tuning fork. It was a profoundly weird, creepy & kind of amazing feeling. They also covered “In Germany Before The War” beautifully.

The openers also stepped on stage at various points in Mangum’s set for a line of backup on one of their various horns (and once with accordion & a drum). Every time they stepped on stage during his set was lovely and perfect accompaniment.

Mangum’s set? Well sometime the correct answer is to go to a show for a younger version of yourself. This was the show my 19 year-old self never got. Before the set the friend I went to the show with and I were talking about how we expected to cry pretty much straight through the set. But once the music started I was so delighted that I was there, that it was happening, that I forgot to cry.

Beautiful set.

Amazing night.


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