Pipe, Pinhook, 02/11/12

Saturday night’s Pipe show at Pinhook will be one of the shows that people talk about all year.

Pipe, Pinhook, Durham NC, 02/11/12

After the show I heard more than one person say it was the “best show I’ve ever seen at Pinhook.”

Pipe, Pinhook, Durham NC, 02/11/12

To me one of the indicators of a great show is that after the show people don’t leave the venue, instead people stand around and recount and highlight and discuss the show.

Saturday night was that kind of show. Pipe was just fantastic.

Chest Pains, Pinhook, Durham NC, 02/11/12

For openers, Chest Pains played a set that got better and better with each track.

The Bastages, Pinhook, Durham NC, 02/11/12

And The Bastages managed to rip through about 20 songs in their 45 minute set, starting the night off correctly.

Full photo set here (nb. – Pinhook was too dark to get pictures of the stage diving and everything else that happened off stage, but I think the on stage photos still capture the greatness of this show).


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