Duke Together

I’m not one to talk about my politics a great deal on this blog. But sometimes I will, and this is one of those times.

NC has an amendment on the ballot for the May election that would make gay marriage constitutionally illegal. It would strip benefits from state (and state university) employed couples who have legal marriages from other states/countries or those who currently receive domestic partner/same-sex equivalent benefits.

I’m lucky in that I work at Duke, which is a private employer, so I am not at risk of losing benefits.

But this isn’t personally about my benefits, or even distinctly about benefits, to me it is really about what it says about us as a state, as a humanity, that here and now and in 2012 we are voting to determine if discrimination should be put into our State Constitution.

I love this State of North Carolina and it makes me sick to my stomach to think that this state could be telling me and all the other queer folks in the state that our kind aren’t wanted here, we can’t have families and community here, constitutionally.

So, to the end of stopping this hatefulness and having the amendment fail in May, we are fighting this.

I am proud to be part of the Exec Group of Duke Together Against Constitutional Discrimination. We are a group of staff, faculty and students who are raising awareness on campus and trying to get students, faculty, staff and community members to vote against the amendment in May.

Yesterday was a great day.

Please go read the full text of that statement. Please get involved in your local communities to gather voters to vote against the amendment (if you are at Duke and want to be more involved at Duke, let me know). Please vote against the amendment in May.


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