Protect All NC Families Benefit, Motorco, 04/19/12

Absolutely beautiful night at Motorco last night at the Protect All NC Families benefit w/ John Darnielle, Mac McCaughan, Greg Cartwright & Tara DeFrancisco. I’ve written about what this Amendment fight means to me before.
John Darnielle’s words last night, though, say it better than I can:

what I feel about North Carolina is something who everybody lives here I think knows: this sense of real bonding with your turf and your community and we’re kind of a lot different than people think when they talk about the South. People talk a lot of trash about the South.

When you get these anti-immigration laws in Alabama and stuff everybody goes “See? Look at those Southerners. They’re at it again.” If you look at the polling, we can actually beat this and the message that would send to the country about who we are would be the most powerful, amazing thing that I cry every time I think about it. We can look at California and say, “Y’all don’t really know about the South. In the South, we stopped that at our door step.”

The music was beautiful. The cause is amazing. And needs YOUR VOTE, YOUR VOLUNTEERING, and YOUR SUPPORT.

To the end of supporting the cause, all the photos are up here on my zenfolio site. And between now and the election on 5/8/12 (have you voted yet? early voting is open), I’m going to make a personal donation to Protect All NC Families equal to any profits from the sale of photos of the event.

Check out the photos, read this post, donate to Protect all NC Families, AND VOTE!


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