DTFH Fest Saturday, June 30 Preview

Repeating some of what I said Wednesday:
The real beauty of DTFH Fest this year is that you don’t have to miss a single minute of music, as a band ends on the Garage stage, another will start in the Showroom, and so on. Local folks, if you are still wavering on buying tickets, I’ll say that the $15 ticket price gets you in both nights and the local bands alone are worth that price: Red Collar, Pink Flag, Eno Mountain Boys, Almost People, Ascetic Parade. That right there would be a killer long night. First band starts at 6 on Friday, at a 5 on Saturday. Last band ends at 1 both nights. 13 hours solid of music for $15. The whole two days will be loud, and hot, and a ton of fun. See you there

I’ve been lucky to see many of the bands playing this weekend before, so here’s a visual preview of many of the Saturday night bands.

Timeshares, Motorco Garage, Durham NC, 06/07/11

Eno Mountain Boys, Pinhook, Durham NC, 04/06/12
Eno Mountain Boys

Mikey Erg, Pinhook, Durham NC, 04/25/11
Mikey Erg

Let Me Run, Motorco, Durham NC, 08/27/11
Let Me Run

Mixtapes, Motorco, Durham NC, 08/15/11

Red Collar, Motorco, Durham NC,08/06/11
Red Collar


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