DTFH Fest in Video

For everyone who was out at DTFH Fest this weekend who is heading back to work today (like me) and still feeling a little tired, this is a reminder of why it is worth it. For everyone who wasn’t out this weekend, this is what you missed.

Red Collar – Pilgrim. Simply one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. Hometown, home community, great crowd, amazing band, everything lined up to make this one perfect.

Red Collar – Choices.

Arliss Nancy – Stella Lovely.

Arliss Nancy – Abacus (take 1). From the first night in the Showroom.

Arliss Nancy – Abacus (take 2). From the second night in the Garage. And yes, both are essential viewing, particularly becuase in this one, Cory drops the first verse of Springsteen’s “Racing in the Street” into the song. I try not to sing along or yell while recording, but you can hear my yell of delight as soon as the cover verse kicks in.

Joe McMahon – What Separates Us All. “United we stand, divided we fall” indeed.

I’m still improving on my video skills and getting better at figuring out when to switch from photos to video mode on the camera, but I’m pleased with all of these and know I’m going to watch them all one last time as I get ready to go back to work.

Post with photos from DTFH Fest will follow tomorrow and the next day.


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