Pipe, Pinhook

Churchkey Records threw another free show last Saturday, part of their stellar First One’s Free series.

Pipe, Pinhook, Durham NC, 08/04/12

Pipe played a set that always seemed like it was a half step away from breaking apart into chaos, and revelling in that and having fun with it.

Flesh Wounds, Pinhook, Durham NC, 08/04/12

Flesh Wounds barreled through their set, cutting almost all the talking & time between songs out and fitting a 45 minute set into 30 minutes flat.

For me it was a huge change of pace from the Janelle Monae show earlier that night (I wasn’t the only person to go to both shows, this is one of the reasons this area is awesome), and it was a great show.

Churchkey Records have another show coming up at Pinhook August 25th to celebrate their Fifth Anniversary. I know there are a million things going on that night but you should be at Pinhook. I’ll be there (and another show too, because I’m me).

Full photo set here.


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