Year End Stats 2012

In 2012 I saw less shows overall than in 2011 (for reference). But it’s still an epic number of shows and was another amazing year in live music in Durham and in Raleigh and in Chapel Hill. I didn’t even see most of it (though I came closest in Durham) but, bow howdy, I saw a lot of it.

I saw 171 shows at 41 venues in 2012 (this counts each day of a festival as a single show): 121 shows in Durham, 21 in Raleigh, 20 in Chapel Hill, 6 in Carrboro, 2 in Hillsborough, 1 in Asheville.

Counting each set by band I saw and shot 465 sets in 2012: 323 bands in Durham, 81 bands in Raleigh, 44 bands in Chapel Hill, 10 bands in Carrboro, 5 bands in Hillsborough, 2 in Asheville.

Looking at the venues I shot the most out of the 41 total venues: I shot 48 shows at Pinhook, 22 shows at Motorco Garage, 21 shows at Motorco, 13 shows at Local 506(exact same number as last year), 6 shows at Casbah. I went to as many shows at Bull City Records as I did shows at the Cradle (5 each) [n.b. show stats for Raleigh are low because of how I calculate festivals]

Going by number of band sets, not shows: I shot 114 sets at Pinhook, 68 at Motorco Garage, 57 at Motorco, 28 sets at Local 506, 24 sets at Casbah, 18 sets at Kings, 17 sets at Duke Coffeehouse (includes Jameson Gallery), 15 sets at Slim’s.

Amazingly, I don’t think they are tired of seeing me at Pinhook or Motorco.

All together I saw 326 bands this year, down 30 bands from last year. 269 of those bands I saw only once. 47 of the bands I saw between 2 and 4 times. And 10 of the bands I saw 5 or more times: 
Band – # of shows
JKutchma (w/ the 5/5 or solo) – 12*
Almost People – 9*
Spider Bags – 8
Midtown Dickens- 7*
Red Collar – 7*
Wood Ear – 7
Phil Cook & His Feat – 6*
Mount Moriah – 5*
Hammer No More The Fingers – 5*
Eno Mountain Boys – 5

Bands with an asterisk I also saw more than 5 times last year. So that either means I’m very fond of those bands or they play all the time or both (usually both).
JKutchma (w/ the 5/5 or solo) is the act I’ve seen play the most two years running.

The  non-local band I saw the most this year was Lucero, 4 times.

And, yes, if anyone is curious, I’m happy to share the excel spreadsheet where I store all this info if you are curious about the nitty gritty details or want to look at lots of pivot tables.

In summary, I saw and shot a ton of shows and bands. I shot in venues all around the area and also really focused on shooting in Durham. I got to see many of my favorite bands play a bunch, some of my favorite bands not nearly enough, and just about everything in between. I found new music, new friends, new angles, new light, and so much more at shows

And between now and the end of the year, I have posts coming to try and pull from that magnitude of music: my favorite shows, my favorite photos, my favorite videos, my favorite albums, my favorite concert moments, etc.


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