Favorite Posts of the Year 2012

As I geared up for all these end of year posts, I realized that I hadn’t posted here for a month (before yesterday) and much of the fall was sporadic at best.
There are probably two reasons for this: first, the tinnitus makes it harder to fall asleep and so I’ve been sleeping in a little later in the morning, eating into my writing time with sleep, precious sleep; second, this winter I’ve been writing more. With no purpose or designs to do anything with the writing, just writing stories or truths or somewhere in between.
Due to that I started thinking about my favorite writing I did on this blog this year. So, with way too much introduction and ado, here are those posts:
Music related:
DTFH Reflections – “I love this scene because it isn’t about what is trendy or hip or popular. It is quite simply about music and people who love the heck out of music: making music, enjoying music, singing along, arms flung over shoulders, belting it out.”
Amendment One related:
Before the vote – “I have stories of the world not being awesome. Of being teased and bullied at schools, made to feel unwelcome in churches, losing friendships, questioning everything about myself because I wasn’t “normal.” And sadly, the bubble of my family being awesome wasn’t always big enough for me or my fears to fit inside.”
After the vote – “Time passes, there is always more work to do, and with work things improve.”
Tinnitus – “Y’all are more boisterous, more invigorating, louder, nicer, friendlier, and more on so many counts – more than the high note is loud.”

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