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Favorite Videos of 2012

Favorite videos of 2012

This year I started shooting a fair amount of video, so here are my 10 favorite videos I shot this year (not including the videos from Hopscotch proper, which are still being culled and edited for official posting):

1. Red Collar – Pilgrim – this is why rock and roll is awesome and transformative

2. American Aquarium with Chip Robinson – Abe Lincoln

3. Reese McHenry & company – Think

4. Arliss Nancy – Abacus (Racing in the Street)

5. Josh Ritter – Lillian, Egypt

6. Red Collar – Jinx Removing (Jawbreaker)

7. Cory Brannan – Skateland South

8. Filthybird – Night Comes In (Richard & Linda Thompson)

9. JKutchma – Durham Bull

10. Widowspeak – Wicked Game (Chris Issak)


Favorite Shows of 2012: Special Event Edition

It is hard for me to narrow down my favorite shows of the year, mainly because I go to so many, but also because it is hard to put individual shows up against say, The Avett Brothers at Kings or any of the other extraordinary special nights (festivals or otherwise) this year. So, first, my top 5 favorite special event shows of the year.

So first my favorite of those standout nights:
The Avett Brothers, Racing the Cure, Kings, Raleigh NC, 03/23/12
1. 3/23/12 – The Avett Brothers/Old Ceremony/Filthybird/Schooner/Jack the Radio – Kings
There were two other venues participating in this one day Racing The Cure event. I’m sure those other venues were great that night too, but I was determined to get into Kings and see the Avett Brothers play a club show again. This was the only show all year where we actually sat outside the venue in queue starting at around 5 PM to get in. And the wait paid off . All the bands did a fine job leading up to the headliner. And then just a few rows from the front, it was magical to see the Avett’s like this again. photo set

Whatever Brains, Slim's, Hopscotch, Raleigh NC, 09/08/12
2. 9/6/12-9/9/12 – Hopscotch Music Festival – mostly at Slim’s to be honest
At Hopscotch this year 80% of the bands I saw this year were either locals or playing at Slim’s or both. This means I had pretty much the best Hopscotch I could imagine. I was primarily at Hopscotch to shoot video for the Indy/Hopscotch video team and the coordinator for that, the alwayS outstanding Dan Schram, gave me a schedule that played right to the things I love. It made for a wonderful bar full of great friends, great music, and alot of time standing on the stairs at Slim’s leaning out over the crowd with my camera. All Hopscotch photos here and highlights here.

Langhorne Slim, Casbah, Durham NC, 06/12/12
3. 6/12/12 – This day: Wood Ear – Bull City Records, Hiss Golden Messenger/Michael Chapman – Pinhook, Langhorne Slim/Ha Ha Tonka – Casbah
I’m a huge fan of earlier shows and this was just one of those days where everything lined up perfectly: Wood Ear’s in-store for their CD release, followed by Michael Chapman then Hiss Golden Messenger at Pinhook, and for a night cap the amazing Ha Ha Tonka opening for the wonderful Langhorne Slim. 5 stellar bands, otherwise ordinary night in Durham where all the concert stars aligned to remind me of how lucky I am to live in such a great part of the country for live music. Wood Ear pics here, Michael Chapman/Hiss Golden Messenger pics here, Langhorne Slim/Ha Ha Tonka pics here.

Janelle Monae, Obama For America Rally, ArtsCenter, Carrboro NC, 08/04/12
4. 8/4/12 – Janelle Monae – ArtsCenter, Pipe/Flesh Wounds – Pinhook
By my count there were 5 people, myself included, who went from the amazingness of seeing Janelle Monae in the tiny ArtsCenter to Pinhook to see Flesh Wounds & Pipe. And by my estimation we five were the luckiest people in the Triangle that day. Janelle Monae photos here & Pipe & Flesh Wounds photos here

Arliss Nancy, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco Garage, Durham NC, 06/30/12
5. 6/29/12 & 6/30/12 – Death To False Hope Fest – Motorco
I love you guys. I already said everything I need to say about this weekend earlier in the week. Don’t imagine I could say it better.

JKutchma & The 5/5ths, Local Beer Local Band

Last week was an odd week without shows for me. But on Friday the weekend got started right with JKutchma & the 5/5ths.

JKutchma & The 5/5ths, Local Beer Local Band, Tir Na Nog, Raleigh NC, 06/01/12

I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to watch this band play shows and become more and more of a cohesive unit and work on the arrangement of the songs.

Hear it for your self:

They sound excellent right now. Their next big local show is at The Pinhook on 7/7 for their album release. Be there.

Filthybird, Local Beer Local Band, Tir Na Nog, Raleigh NC, 06/01/12

Filthybird opened and played one of the best sets I’ve seen them play including a stunning cover of “Night Comes In.” You don’t have to take my word on that one, I have video:

And one last video treat, Jason closing out the night solo with “Durham Bull”:

Full photo set here

The videos are a new occasional thing I’m doing, hope you like.

Racing the Cure, Kings, 3/23/12

Across all 4 venues on the night of 3/23/12 the Racing the Cure benefit raised $45K. It’s a stunning amount.

The music was as awesome as the cause. We were installed at Kings all night (got to Kings at 5P to line up, in fact) so we missed out on the other venues, but I hear they were all wonderful.

Kings was just a treat and an amazing night.

Jack the Radio started the night off and did a really good job getting the crowd moving.

Schooner, Racing the Cure, Kings, Raleigh NC, 03/23/12

Schooner followed and matched the energy in the room with a very energetic set – maybe it’s just because I’ve seen more Organos shows than Schooner shows lately, but I’d forgotten how much of a rock band Schooner is. Friday night was a great reminder.

Filthybird, Racing the Cure, Kings, Raleigh NC, 03/23/12

Filthybird followed with a beautiful set.

The Old Ceremony, Racing the Cure, Kings, Raleigh NC, 03/23/12

The Old Ceremony turned back up the volume with a great set. They promised a new album in June. It’ll be great to finally have the newer songs on an album.

The Avett Brothers, Racing the Cure, Kings, Raleigh NC, 03/23/12

Then, finally, 7 hours after we got to Kings, The Avett Brothers took the stage. Y’all know I don’t consider myself a great writer about music, and even on my best day I don’t think I could sum up what this show meant for me and the friends I was with. This show, and the Cradle show a year and a half ago, are the two Avetts shows I’ll always remember.

This was the set list:
Murder in the City
When I Drink
Denouncing November Blue
January Wedding
Cigarettes and Whiskey
Look Up Look Down that Lonesome Road
I Killed Sally’s Lover
Go to Sleep
In the Curve
At the Beach
Just a Closer Walk with Thee

I cried straight through “When I Drink.” I called my mom and let her listen along during “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” (yes, at one in the morning, my mom is awesome). And for all the rest I sang and danced and enjoyed.

It was a delight.

The Avett Brothers, Racing the Cure, Kings, Raleigh NC, 03/23/12


full photo set