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Free Electric State, 05/18/12

Free Electric State celebrated a record release on Friday at Pinhook. As usual they brought their own lights, and those lights looked absolutely great on the new Pinhook stage.

Free Electric State, Pinhook, Durham NC, 05/18/12

Free Electric State, Pinhook, Durham NC, 05/18/12

Free Electric State, Pinhook, Durham NC, 05/18/12

Full photo set here


Free Electric State, Pinhook

Free Electric State closed out Saturday night’s set at Pinhook.

Free Electric State, Pinhook, Durham NC, 03/03/12

It was lovely to hear them again.

They’ve got a new album recorded and it’ll be out at the end of April Custom Made Music. The LP will release on Record Store Day (4/21) the CD on 4/24. So if you didn’t already have a reason to hit up the record store on 4/21, now you do. It’ll be a good one.

full photos from Saturday night’s show here

10 Favorite Shows of 2011

If you know me or just see me at shows, you know I’m frequently wandering around, running between two shows, etc. I see alot of shows and the more shows I go to the harder it is for a full show bill to hold me from the first band to the last. These are the ones where I stood up front or was otherwise transfixed by the whole show. My 10 favorite shows of the year.

Joe Pug, Local 506, Chapel Hill NC, 04/11/11
1. Joe Pug w/ Strand of Oaks, Local 506, 4/11 – It’s a very lucky thing that my favorite show of the year (and many others on this list) was also attended by the best taper in the area (Dan Schram) so I have this show on mp3 and can go back and listen again and again. Just a stunningly excellent show. So many of the shows on this list are special shows: album releases, first shows back, etc. The excellence of this show is even more amazing because it wasn’t a “special” show. It was another night on a long tour (for both bands). It’s the kind of show that makes me want to pack a bag and follow a tour around so I can see it every night. Photos here

Des Ark, Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC, 03/10/11
2. Des Ark w/ Pygmy Lush, Bellafea, Nightlight, 3/10 – Des Ark’s CD is on my favorite albums of the year list so it is no surprise to see the local album release show here. Just a show with Des Ark full band likely would have put it on the list, but this was far more. The crowd was wonderful, Pygmy Lush’s set was great, and Bellafea was so fantastic to hear again. I love Mount Moriah, obviously (favorite album of the year, a Mount Moriah show is coming up on this list), but sometimes a Bellafea show is exactly what I need. It was the perfect kickstart to the night. Photos here

The Butchies, Pinhook Outdoor Stage, Durham NC, 09/24/11
3. The Butchies w/ Pink Flag, Pinhook, 9/24 – Everything about this show. The weather was perfect for a huge celebratory show in the parking lot behind Pinhook, and that is exactly what this was. Both bands played fantastic sets to a great hometown crowd. Photos here

Mount Moriah, Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC, 04/15/11
4.Mount Moriah w/ The Moaners & Filthybird, Cat’s Cradle, 4/15 – I feel like I’ve already said enough about how great Mount Moriah’s album is. The CD release show started with the three videos that are included with the album and ended with an all hands on-stage sing along of “Lament.” Start to finish, just a great night. Photos here

Bombadil, Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC, 11/12/11
5. Bombadil w/ The Future Kings of Nowhere, JKutchma and the 5/5ths, Cat’s Cradle, 11/12 – Three bands I love on the same bill, a CD release show for Bombadil. Before even going to this show, I knew it’d end up on this list. So, for me, it had alot to live up to. And it more than did so. Photos here

Future Kings of Nowhere, Motorco, Durham NC, 05/07/11
6. Future Kings of Nowhere w/ Hammer No More the Fingers & The Wigg Report, Motorco, 5/7 – Photos here

Red Collar, Casbah, Durham NC, 05/28/11
7. Red Collar w/ American Aquarium, Casbah, 5/28 – Photos here

The Moaners, Cave, Chapel Hill NC, 07/29/11
8. The Moaners w/ All Girl Boys Choir, Cave, 7/29 – Photos here

Free Electric State, Pinhook, Durham NC, 11/4/11
9. Pinhook’s 3-year anniversary 3-night concert (Men w/ Tayisha Busey, Crystal Antlers w/ Old Bricks, Free Electric State, Javelin w/ Organos), 11/3-11/5 – Photos here

Shirlette & The Dynamite Brothers, Duke Gardens, Durham NC, 06/29/11
10. Shirlette and the Dynamite Brothers, Duke Gardens, 6/29 – Photos here

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Miss Representation

The Future Kings of Nowhere, Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC, 11/12/11

P-90s, Motorco, Durham NC, 11/23/11

The Loom, Pinhook, Durham NC, 11/17/11

Cat Martino, Pinhook, Durham NC, 11/17/11

Girls Rock NC, Pinhook, Durham NC,11/15/11

Chris Stamey w/ Leah Gibson, Motorco, Durham NC, 11/13/11

JKutchma & the 5/5ths, Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC, 11/12/11

Shirlette Ammons, Missy Thangs & Juan Huevos, Soundcheck, Casbah, Durham NC, 11/11/11

On of my favorite things about living here is that things that seem uncommon elsewhere in the country seem common here. Or at least can seem common if you chose correctly.

22 of the 45 bands I shot this month had at least one lady in the band.

It matters to me personally, and it matters overall.

Tonight at Motorco there is a showing of Miss Representation. Highly, highly recommended for people who already understand why this matters, for people who aren’t sold yet, for people – full stop. The movie is free & starts at 7.

James Hall’s birthday

Happy (belated) birthday, James.

Photo from hisbirthday show at Pinhook last Saturday night.

more photos:
Free Electric State, Pinhook, Durham NC, 10/08/11

Gray Young, Pinhook, Durham NC, 10/08/11

I Was Totallly Destroying It, Pinhook, Durham NC, 10/08/11

Three bands, three different light set ups. Always fun.

Everything about the night was beautifully fun, befitting the occasion.

Full photo set here

Local Band Local Beer

Great night at LBLB at Tir Na Nog last night with Birds & Arrows, Free Electric State & Gray Young.

Free Electric State:
Free Electric State, Local Band Local Beer, Tir Na Nog, Raleigh NC, 07/21/11

Free Electric State:
Free Electric State, Local Band Local Beer, Tir Na Nog, Raleigh NC, 07/21/11

Gray Young:
Gray Young, Local Band Local Beer, Tir Na Nog, Raleigh NC, 07/21/11

Full photo set here