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Favorite Videos of 2012

Favorite videos of 2012

This year I started shooting a fair amount of video, so here are my 10 favorite videos I shot this year (not including the videos from Hopscotch proper, which are still being culled and edited for official posting):

1. Red Collar – Pilgrim – this is why rock and roll is awesome and transformative

2. American Aquarium with Chip Robinson – Abe Lincoln

3. Reese McHenry & company – Think

4. Arliss Nancy – Abacus (Racing in the Street)

5. Josh Ritter – Lillian, Egypt

6. Red Collar – Jinx Removing (Jawbreaker)

7. Cory Brannan – Skateland South

8. Filthybird – Night Comes In (Richard & Linda Thompson)

9. JKutchma – Durham Bull

10. Widowspeak – Wicked Game (Chris Issak)


Favorite Shows of 2012

Following up on yesterday’s post. My 10 favorite shows of the year.

Red Collar, Local 506, Chapel Hill NC, 1/14/12
1. 1/14/12 – Red Collar w/ Spider Bags & Rat Jackson – Local 506
I love when a show early in the year sets the bar high. And all year long no single show topped this one. Just a fantastic kick start to the year. From Rat Jackson covering Alan Jackson to Reese McHenry joining Spider Bags on stage to the energy and passion Red Collar poured into every moment – this show was packed full of memorable moments. photo set

John Darnielle, Mac McCaughan, & Greg Cartwright, Protect All NC Families Benefit, Motorco, Durham NC, 04/19/12
2. 4/19/12 – John Darnielle, Mac McCaughan & Greg Cartwright – Motorco
Amazing night for a great cause. A completely unique chance to see these three songwriters trade songs and play off each other. photo set

Des Ark, Local Beer Local Band, Tir Na Nog, Raleigh NC, 05/10/12
3. 5/10/12 – Des Ark w/Midtown Dickens – Tir Na Nog
The best show Local Beer Local Band show I saw all year. But what really makes this night stand so high on my list is that it was exactly the show I needed at that moment. photo set

Lucero, Orange Peel, Asheville NC, 04/27/12
4. 4/27/12 – Lucero w/J Roddy Walston & The Business – Orange Peel
This show was nearly a shoe in, after all we decided to drive to Asheville to see the combo of Lucero w/ J Roddy opening. At the same time it was a show I had mighty high expectations for. They were more than met. photo set

Bombadil, The Farm, Hillsborough NC, 06/09/12
5. 6/9/12 – Bombadil w/ JKutchma & the 5/5ths- The Farm
I really hope there are more shows at The Farm next year. Absolutely a stunning place to see a show. The scenrey adds to the music; the chance sit in a chair on the grass listening to great local music chorus with the sounds of night setting in on a summer night. photo set

Reigning Sound, Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC, 08/24/12
6. 8/24/12 – Reigning Sound w/Last Year’s Men – Nightlight
Reigning Sound at Nightlight? Yes, please. photo set

Team Dresch, Pinhook, Durham NC, 09/29/12
7. 9/29/12 – Team Dresch w/ The Butchies & The Tomboys – Pinhook outdoor stage
Another year, another amazing Pinhook concert for Pride. This year, finally, the chance to see Team Dresch. photo set

Ted Leo, Duke Coffeehouse, Durham NC, 02/18/12
8. 2/18/12 -Ted Leo w/ Mac McCaughan – Coffeehouse
Great night. Never had the chance to see Ted Leo play before this, but the highlight of the night may just have been McCaughan talking about the first show he saw at the Coffeehouse. photo set

Vandaveer, Local 506, Chapel Hill NC, 05/11/12
9. 5/11/12 – Vandaveer – Local 506
I love to see full shows, and am saddened when a band doesn’t draw as well as I hoped. And man, y’all all missed this one. It meant we got to sit on the riser at 506 and enjoy an amazing and intimate Vandaveer show. Lovely. photo set

Crooked Fingers, Kings, Raleigh NC, 01/06/12
10. 1/6/12 – Crooked Fingers w/ Mount Moriah – Kings
What a great way to kick off the year. A packed Kings, great sets by both bands.

Up next in the year count down: favorite videos & favorite photos.

Favorite Albums of 2012: Locals Edition

I tried to cut my list of favorite local releases down to the best of the best and ended up with 6 records. So that’d what I have here. I’m incredibly lucky to live in an area with so much great music and so many opportunities to see them live. All told I’ve seen these bands 41 times this year. Pretty awesome.

JKutchma & The 5/5ths, Pinhook, Durham NC, 07/06/12
1. JKutchma – Pastorals
Band I saw the most this year; favorite album of the year. The title track “Pastorals” was the song I didn’t know I needed this year. “And no I’m not proud of all that I did, In search for destination now I’m back where I begin. All my transgression oh how I remember each. But if I lived again without them, would I have found this peace? I’ve been wrong more than I’ve been right. My fault, I won’t deny. I hope at heaven’s gate, they make saints. Cause I tried, I tried, I tried. I been so wrong. But I tried.”

Spider Bags, Local 506, Chapel Hill NC, 1/14/12
2. Spider Bags – Shake Your Head
I dare you to listen to the opening tracks “Keys to the City” & “Simona La Ramona” and try not to dance, laugh, remember why you love music, sing along. I’m pretty sure it is impossible.

Midtown Dickens, Brickside Festival, Jameson Gallery, Durham NC, 03/24/12
3. Midtown Dickens – Home
This album sounds like Durham to me. And I mean that in all the best ways.

Gross Ghost, Pinhook, Durham NC, 06/02/12
4. Gross Ghost – Brer Rabbit

American Aquarium, Local 506, Chapel Hill NC, 11/29/12
5. American Aquarium – Burn.Flicker.Die
I’m so incredibly proud of these guys for all the hard work they’ve put in to their success, for the touring and the growth, and the fact that this album is just darn, darn fine. Some of these songs have been kicking around live for years and it shows in the delivery. Both a familiar step for the band and a big leap forward. All of that notwithstanding, this album might just belong on this list for the Backsliders cover alone.

Red Collar, Motorco, Durham NC, 05/19/12
6. Red Collar – Welcome Home
I love this band, full stop.

10 favorite non-local releases tomorrow.

DTFH Fest Highlights

A quick, illustrated list of the highlights of DTFH fest for me.

Sour Boy, Bitter Girl played really early on Friday, which means alot of people missed them, shame that,

Old Flings, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco Garage, Durham NC, 06/29/12

Old Flings + blistering garage heat = really great set.

Arliss Nancy, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/29/12

Arliss Nancy in the Showroom.

Pink Flag, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/29/12

Pink Flag. It’d been a minute since the last time I saw Pink Flag, great to see them again.

The Sky We Scrape, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco Garage, Durham NC, 06/30/12

The Sky We Scrape early on Saturday.

Fake Boys, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/30/12

Fake Boys (not only was the music good, there is something about the light/dark contrasts in this photo that I’m really proud to have captured)

Arliss Nancy, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco Garage, Durham NC, 06/30/12

Arliss Nancy in the Garage. (Arliss Nancy will always be a highlight for me).

Mixtapes, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/30/12

Mixtapes. Last year they played a packed show in the Garage as part of DTFH Fest, great to see them move up to Showroom stage, and totally own it.

Magic Mike, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/30/12

Magic Mike, always

Red Collar, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/30/12

Red Collar, perfect closer, one of the better sets I’ve seen them play.

See you all next DTFH Fest.

My favorite photos from the weekend here. All photos from DTFH Fest here.

DTFH Fest Reflections

Mixtapes, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/30/12

I’m never going to claim to be someone with a grand history of punk rock cred, pretty much my only punk cred is that once upon a time, as a 14 year old (ahhh, summer of 1993), The Queers Love Songs for the Retarded was the soundtrack to very seminal events in my life. (ask me in person, I’ll tell you that whole story.)

Pink Flag, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/29/12

But that album really stood in isolation for me, I didn’t go from that to falling head over heels for the genre. I came to punk through the harder edge of alt country.

Almost People, Motorco Garage, Durham NC, 06/28/12

Which is to say that no one is more surprised than me that I’ve found Durham’s punk scene to be one of the most comfortable spaces in town. But I have.

Magic Mike, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/29/12

I’ve never been a part of any group that was more simply accepting of what people bring to the table. I love this scene because it isn’t about what is trendy or hip or popular. It is quite simply about music and people who love the heck out of music: making music, enjoying music, singing along, arms flung over shoulders, belting it out.

Before the Show, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/30/12

This isn’t Hopscotch or anything like it, it isn’t trying to be. This is a group of friends, celebrating the very fact that we are all here and having a blast.

Before the Show, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/29/12

Scotty deserves a world of credit for pulling this one together and for laying the groundwork of music that allowed everyone to have a great time. And on a personal level, I’m extraordinarily grateful to him for helping me find my way into this scene and for him inviting and welcoming me to be there. Outside a Red Collar show 2ish years ago, he pitched one of the upcoming shows he was promoting to me with a pitch that went something like this “I don’t know how many of the bands you’ll like, but everyone playing are good people, it’ll be really fun to shoot, we’ll start on time at 8:30, show will be done at 10, see you there” the pitch worked. I went and found a community that was in fact fun to shoot, where all the shows ran on time, and where I really adore alot of the music. But most importantly, I found a really awesome community of friends. And really that’s what it is all about.

Red Collar, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/30/12

DTFH Fest ended with Red Collar acoustic & unplugged on the Motorco Showroom floor, surrounded by the crowd, leading a sing along of “Welcome Home”

How long has it been since I’ve seen that smile and heard you sing?
One year? Two years? Who cares, you’re here now.
It’s like it was just yesterday, tell me how have you been?
My brother, my hero, my shadow, my friend.
Welcome home

Of course that is how it ended, of course.

Red Collar, Death to False Hope Fest, Motorco, Durham NC, 06/30/12

Welcome Home.

My favorite photos from DTFH Fest are here all photos are here. Something that looks more like an actual review tomorrow.

DTFH Fest in Video

For everyone who was out at DTFH Fest this weekend who is heading back to work today (like me) and still feeling a little tired, this is a reminder of why it is worth it. For everyone who wasn’t out this weekend, this is what you missed.

Red Collar – Pilgrim. Simply one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. Hometown, home community, great crowd, amazing band, everything lined up to make this one perfect.

Red Collar – Choices.

Arliss Nancy – Stella Lovely.

Arliss Nancy – Abacus (take 1). From the first night in the Showroom.

Arliss Nancy – Abacus (take 2). From the second night in the Garage. And yes, both are essential viewing, particularly becuase in this one, Cory drops the first verse of Springsteen’s “Racing in the Street” into the song. I try not to sing along or yell while recording, but you can hear my yell of delight as soon as the cover verse kicks in.

Joe McMahon – What Separates Us All. “United we stand, divided we fall” indeed.

I’m still improving on my video skills and getting better at figuring out when to switch from photos to video mode on the camera, but I’m pleased with all of these and know I’m going to watch them all one last time as I get ready to go back to work.

Post with photos from DTFH Fest will follow tomorrow and the next day.

DTFH Fest Saturday, June 30 Preview

Repeating some of what I said Wednesday:
The real beauty of DTFH Fest this year is that you don’t have to miss a single minute of music, as a band ends on the Garage stage, another will start in the Showroom, and so on. Local folks, if you are still wavering on buying tickets, I’ll say that the $15 ticket price gets you in both nights and the local bands alone are worth that price: Red Collar, Pink Flag, Eno Mountain Boys, Almost People, Ascetic Parade. That right there would be a killer long night. First band starts at 6 on Friday, at a 5 on Saturday. Last band ends at 1 both nights. 13 hours solid of music for $15. The whole two days will be loud, and hot, and a ton of fun. See you there

I’ve been lucky to see many of the bands playing this weekend before, so here’s a visual preview of many of the Saturday night bands.

Timeshares, Motorco Garage, Durham NC, 06/07/11

Eno Mountain Boys, Pinhook, Durham NC, 04/06/12
Eno Mountain Boys

Mikey Erg, Pinhook, Durham NC, 04/25/11
Mikey Erg

Let Me Run, Motorco, Durham NC, 08/27/11
Let Me Run

Mixtapes, Motorco, Durham NC, 08/15/11

Red Collar, Motorco, Durham NC,08/06/11
Red Collar