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Favorite Shows of 2012

Following up on yesterday’s post. My 10 favorite shows of the year.

Red Collar, Local 506, Chapel Hill NC, 1/14/12
1. 1/14/12 – Red Collar w/ Spider Bags & Rat Jackson – Local 506
I love when a show early in the year sets the bar high. And all year long no single show topped this one. Just a fantastic kick start to the year. From Rat Jackson covering Alan Jackson to Reese McHenry joining Spider Bags on stage to the energy and passion Red Collar poured into every moment – this show was packed full of memorable moments. photo set

John Darnielle, Mac McCaughan, & Greg Cartwright, Protect All NC Families Benefit, Motorco, Durham NC, 04/19/12
2. 4/19/12 – John Darnielle, Mac McCaughan & Greg Cartwright – Motorco
Amazing night for a great cause. A completely unique chance to see these three songwriters trade songs and play off each other. photo set

Des Ark, Local Beer Local Band, Tir Na Nog, Raleigh NC, 05/10/12
3. 5/10/12 – Des Ark w/Midtown Dickens – Tir Na Nog
The best show Local Beer Local Band show I saw all year. But what really makes this night stand so high on my list is that it was exactly the show I needed at that moment. photo set

Lucero, Orange Peel, Asheville NC, 04/27/12
4. 4/27/12 – Lucero w/J Roddy Walston & The Business – Orange Peel
This show was nearly a shoe in, after all we decided to drive to Asheville to see the combo of Lucero w/ J Roddy opening. At the same time it was a show I had mighty high expectations for. They were more than met. photo set

Bombadil, The Farm, Hillsborough NC, 06/09/12
5. 6/9/12 – Bombadil w/ JKutchma & the 5/5ths- The Farm
I really hope there are more shows at The Farm next year. Absolutely a stunning place to see a show. The scenrey adds to the music; the chance sit in a chair on the grass listening to great local music chorus with the sounds of night setting in on a summer night. photo set

Reigning Sound, Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC, 08/24/12
6. 8/24/12 – Reigning Sound w/Last Year’s Men – Nightlight
Reigning Sound at Nightlight? Yes, please. photo set

Team Dresch, Pinhook, Durham NC, 09/29/12
7. 9/29/12 – Team Dresch w/ The Butchies & The Tomboys – Pinhook outdoor stage
Another year, another amazing Pinhook concert for Pride. This year, finally, the chance to see Team Dresch. photo set

Ted Leo, Duke Coffeehouse, Durham NC, 02/18/12
8. 2/18/12 -Ted Leo w/ Mac McCaughan – Coffeehouse
Great night. Never had the chance to see Ted Leo play before this, but the highlight of the night may just have been McCaughan talking about the first show he saw at the Coffeehouse. photo set

Vandaveer, Local 506, Chapel Hill NC, 05/11/12
9. 5/11/12 – Vandaveer – Local 506
I love to see full shows, and am saddened when a band doesn’t draw as well as I hoped. And man, y’all all missed this one. It meant we got to sit on the riser at 506 and enjoy an amazing and intimate Vandaveer show. Lovely. photo set

Crooked Fingers, Kings, Raleigh NC, 01/06/12
10. 1/6/12 – Crooked Fingers w/ Mount Moriah – Kings
What a great way to kick off the year. A packed Kings, great sets by both bands.

Up next in the year count down: favorite videos & favorite photos.


10 Favorite Shows of 2011

If you know me or just see me at shows, you know I’m frequently wandering around, running between two shows, etc. I see alot of shows and the more shows I go to the harder it is for a full show bill to hold me from the first band to the last. These are the ones where I stood up front or was otherwise transfixed by the whole show. My 10 favorite shows of the year.

Joe Pug, Local 506, Chapel Hill NC, 04/11/11
1. Joe Pug w/ Strand of Oaks, Local 506, 4/11 – It’s a very lucky thing that my favorite show of the year (and many others on this list) was also attended by the best taper in the area (Dan Schram) so I have this show on mp3 and can go back and listen again and again. Just a stunningly excellent show. So many of the shows on this list are special shows: album releases, first shows back, etc. The excellence of this show is even more amazing because it wasn’t a “special” show. It was another night on a long tour (for both bands). It’s the kind of show that makes me want to pack a bag and follow a tour around so I can see it every night. Photos here

Des Ark, Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC, 03/10/11
2. Des Ark w/ Pygmy Lush, Bellafea, Nightlight, 3/10 – Des Ark’s CD is on my favorite albums of the year list so it is no surprise to see the local album release show here. Just a show with Des Ark full band likely would have put it on the list, but this was far more. The crowd was wonderful, Pygmy Lush’s set was great, and Bellafea was so fantastic to hear again. I love Mount Moriah, obviously (favorite album of the year, a Mount Moriah show is coming up on this list), but sometimes a Bellafea show is exactly what I need. It was the perfect kickstart to the night. Photos here

The Butchies, Pinhook Outdoor Stage, Durham NC, 09/24/11
3. The Butchies w/ Pink Flag, Pinhook, 9/24 – Everything about this show. The weather was perfect for a huge celebratory show in the parking lot behind Pinhook, and that is exactly what this was. Both bands played fantastic sets to a great hometown crowd. Photos here

Mount Moriah, Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC, 04/15/11
4.Mount Moriah w/ The Moaners & Filthybird, Cat’s Cradle, 4/15 – I feel like I’ve already said enough about how great Mount Moriah’s album is. The CD release show started with the three videos that are included with the album and ended with an all hands on-stage sing along of “Lament.” Start to finish, just a great night. Photos here

Bombadil, Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC, 11/12/11
5. Bombadil w/ The Future Kings of Nowhere, JKutchma and the 5/5ths, Cat’s Cradle, 11/12 – Three bands I love on the same bill, a CD release show for Bombadil. Before even going to this show, I knew it’d end up on this list. So, for me, it had alot to live up to. And it more than did so. Photos here

Future Kings of Nowhere, Motorco, Durham NC, 05/07/11
6. Future Kings of Nowhere w/ Hammer No More the Fingers & The Wigg Report, Motorco, 5/7 – Photos here

Red Collar, Casbah, Durham NC, 05/28/11
7. Red Collar w/ American Aquarium, Casbah, 5/28 – Photos here

The Moaners, Cave, Chapel Hill NC, 07/29/11
8. The Moaners w/ All Girl Boys Choir, Cave, 7/29 – Photos here

Free Electric State, Pinhook, Durham NC, 11/4/11
9. Pinhook’s 3-year anniversary 3-night concert (Men w/ Tayisha Busey, Crystal Antlers w/ Old Bricks, Free Electric State, Javelin w/ Organos), 11/3-11/5 – Photos here

Shirlette & The Dynamite Brothers, Duke Gardens, Durham NC, 06/29/11
10. Shirlette and the Dynamite Brothers, Duke Gardens, 6/29 – Photos here

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The Butchies, Pinhook Outdoor Stage

A few more photos from Saturday’s Butchies/Pink Flag show at Pinhook’s Outdoor Stage.

Pink Flag, Pinhook Outdoor Stage, Durham NC, 09/24/11

The Butchies, Pinhook Outdoor Stage, Durham NC, 09/24/11

The Butchies, Pinhook Outdoor Stage, Durham NC, 09/24/11

The Butchies, Pinhook Outdoor Stage, Durham NC, 09/24/11

So, so fantastic

photo set

A Great Durham Weekend

This weekend in Durham was completely packed full of music. It was the combination of NC Pride, Motorco’s One Year Anniversary, and other great shows. Because of this delightful collision I decided to do a series/feature this weekend, by going to as many shows as possible. So, this is what happens when you try to go to every show in Durham in a beautiful extended weekend; this is what the Durham music scene looks like. (full photo set)

Midtown Dickens, Pinhook, Durham NC, 09/21/11
9/21/11 10:58 PM – Midtown Dickens provide the overture for the weekend with a great set at Pinhook

Birds & Arrows Soundcheck, Casbah, Durham NC, 09/22/11
9/22/11 6:25 PM – Birds and Arrows soundchecking for their Casbah show

Marcus Anderson Trio, Beyu Caffe, Durham NC, 09/22/11
9/22/11 8:10 PM – Marcus Anderson Trio pulls people in to Beyu Caffe

Mosadi Music, Motorco, Durham NC, 09/22/11
9/22/11 8:27 – Mosadi Music playing a community benefit at Motorco

Brian Horton Jazz Trio, Whiskey, Durham NC, 09/22/11
09/23/11 12:00 AM – Brian Horton Jazz Trio provides the nightcap at Whiskey

Humble Tripe, Parker & Otis, Durham NC, 09/23/11
9/23/11 6:42PM – The sun comes out for Humble Tripe at Parker & Otis

Joan Soriano, Motorco, Durham NC, 09/23/11
9/23/11 8:41PM – A packed house at Motorco ready to dance at the Joan Soriano show

Lacy Green, Broad Street Cafe, Durham NC, 09/23/11
9/23/11 9:13PM – Lacy Green plays Broad Street Cafe

Pre-Pride Dance Party, Casbah, Durham NC, 09/23/11
9/23/11 10:14PM – Ready to dance at Casbah’s Pre-Pride Dance Party

Totes Codes Pre-Pride Dance Party, Pinhook, Durham NC, 09/23/11
9/23/11 11:10PM – The Totes Codes Pre-Pride Dance Party at Pinhook

Charlie, Talk of the Town, Durham NC, 09/23/11
9/23/11 11:52PM – Charlie in their first set of the night at the Talk of the Town

MasQueerAde Pre-Pride Dance Party, The Bar, Durham NC, 09/23/11
9/24/11 1:10AM – The DJ keeps the music going until the early hours of the morning at The Bar’s Pre-Pride dance party

NC Pride Parade, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 1:11PM – NC Pride’s 2011 Parade starts up the day

Effingham, Motorco Garage, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 4:20PM – Effingham kicks off the Motorco One Year Anniversary Party

The Wigg Report, Motorco Garage, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 5:12 PM – The Wigg Report continues Motorco’s day

Red Collar Soundcheck, Motorco, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 6:41PM – Red Collar’s merch setup

Red Collar Soundcheck, Motorco, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 6:50 – The calm before the show at Red Collar’s soundcheck at Motorco

Almost People Soundcheck, Motorco, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 7:11PM – Sounds and looks good for Almost People’s soundcheck

Almost People, Motorco, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 8:04PM – Almost People begins the night show at Motorco’s Anniversary Party

Pink Flag, Pinhook Outdoor Stage, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 8:30PM – Pink Flag at Pinhook’s outdoor stage for the Pride after-party

Red Collar, Motorco, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 9:04PM – Red Collar rocks Motorco

The Music Tapes, Casbah, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 9:36PM – The Music Tapes capitvate a packed Casbah

Last Year's Men, Duke Coffeehouse, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 10:04PM – Last Year’s Men opens up the night at Duke Coffeehouse

The Butchies, Pinhook Outdoor Concerts, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 10:17PM – The Butchies at Pinhook’s outdoor stage

The Butchies, Pinhook Outdoor Concerts, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 10:21PM – Amazing and thrilled crowd for The Butchies at Pinhook

Cracker, Motorco, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 11:18 PM – Cracker closes out Motorco’s night

Magician Michael Casey, Motorco, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 11:42PM – After the show, Magician Michael Casey provides a little magic

Ko-Kyu, Motorco, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 11:49PM – KoKyu keeps the night going with late night food

Pride After Party, The Bar, Durham NC, 09/24/11
9/24/11 11:56PM – And still there is dancing at The Bar

KoKyu, Motorco Bloody Brunch, Durham NC, 09/25/11
9/25/11 2:35PM – Finishing touches are put on KoKyu’s truck design at Motorco

Fiesta Jazz Orchestra, Broad Street Cafe, Durham NC, 09/25/11
9/25/11 7:56PM – Jazz on Sunday night at Broad Street Cafe

Fullsteam, Durham NC, 09/25/11
9/25/11 8:14PM – Fullsteam at the end of a beautiful weekend

Pokey LaFarge, Motorco, Durham NC, 09/25/11
9/25/11 9:00PM – Pokey LaFarge at Motorco

Reese McHenry & Dan McGee, Casbah, Durham NC, 09/25/11
9/25/11 10:12PM – Reese McHenry and Dan McGee provide my last show of the weekend at Casbah.

What an amazing weekend. A huge and grateful thanks to all the venues, bands, and other awesome folks who were a part of this week.

And, here’s the most important part this was an exceptionally busy weekend, but the great shows don’t stop because the weekend is over. This week in Durham:
Monday – Human Eye/Spider Bags/Whatever Brains @ 9
Wednesday – Durham Street Piano Project kickoff @ 6:30
Saturday – Cantwell Gomez & Jordan/Necronomitron/Lurch @ 10
Monday – The Monti @ 7:30
Tuesday – D-Town Brass @ 9 after the movie
Thursday – Dark Water Rising/Delta Rae @ 9
Friday – Bo-Stevens/Phatlynx/Stag @ 9
Saturday – Dex Romweber & the New Romans/The Back Pockets / I Make the Young @ 9
Sunday – Brunch w/ Blue Tailed Skinks @ 2
Saturday – Hellcat Vixens Burlesque @ 10:30
Sunday – Langhorne Slim & the Law w/ Matrimony @ 9

or if want to you leave Durham, these shows are particularly recommended:
Local 506, Chapel Hill:
Tuesday – F*cked Up/Wavves @ 9:30
Wednesday – Jenny Owen Youngs/Hank & Cupcakes @ 8:30
The Cave, Chapel Hill:
Friday – JKutchma/Marcus Hodges/Todd Warner @ 9
Tir Na Nog, Raleigh:
Tuesday – JKutchma/Phil Venable @ 9:30
Thursday – The Toddlers/Cellar Seas @ 9:30
Kings, Raleigh:
Thursday – Tow3rs/Invisible Hand/Naked Gods @ 10
Slim’s, Raleigh:
Wedneday – Micah Schnabel/Have Gun Will Travel @9

Go out and see shows! And thanks again to everyone for the great weekend.

Great Durham Weekend, Part three

amazing fantasticness. Music and great times poured out of every venue in town. just stunningly wonderful all around.

A few highlights:
Red Collar, Motorco, Durham NC, 09/24/11
Red Collar at Motorco

The Butchies, Pinhook Outdoor Concerts, Durham NC, 09/24/11
The Butchies at Pinhook’s Outdoor Stage

Full photo set is here.

And the weekend isn’t over yet, today brunch at Motorco and shows at Broad Street, Motorco & Casbah.

Full weekend summary/timeline is here

Best Shots of 2010: 11-15

11. Kaia Wilson, The Butchies, Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC, 07/21/10
Sony a350, 50mm fixed, 800iso, f/1,7, 1/15
I love that Kaia was still enough in the spot light that I could overexpose at 1/15 and still get really sharp detail and shadows.

Sunrise, Isle of Palms, SC, 11/27/10
12. Shaft of Sunlight, Sunrise, Isle of Palms, SC, 11/27/10
Sony a350, 50mm fixed, 200iso, f/5.0, 1/200
It’s so rare that I capture such perfect sunlight. To really understand why I love this photo you have to know the quote, “Sudden in a shaft of sunlight, Even while the dust moves, There rises the hidden laughter” from TS Eliot’s Four Quartets. In this case it isn’t about he technical details just lucky timing and a good eye.

Hammer No More The Fingers, TRKfest,  06/26/10
13. Hammer No More the Fingers, TRKfest, Pittsboro, NC, 06/26/10
Sony a350, 18-125mm lens at 35mm, 800 iso, f4.5, 1/25
TRKfest took place outside at Piedmont Biofuels so virtually all the lighting was from the superbright LED stage lights. I love how quickly the light falls off here leave them in almost silhouette. (and Duncan’s hat)

Magic Mike, Papa Mojo's, Durham NC, 05/21/10
14. Magician Michael Casey, Papa Mojo’s, Durham NC, 05/21/10
Sony a350, 50mm fixed, 3200iso, f/1.4, 1/15
Sometimes you need every bit of light you can get in. Not a stage show (obviously) but Michael working the crowd with magic. This is my camera pushed:3200iso, f/1.4. and handheld at 1/15. It’s grainy as heck (the a350 only looks great to 1600) but it gets the moment exactly right.

Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC, 05/06/10
15. Charlie Humphrey, Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC, 05/06/10
Sony a350, 50mm fixed, 1600 iso, f/2.2, 1/20
506 has gotten better about being something other than aggressively red in camera. But the red occasionally pays off, like here – hitting off the brass just right. I love all the lines in this photo, from the “X” on his hand to the lines of the trumpet, to, even, the hard crease in his pants.

Top Shows of 2010: 7-12

7. J. Roddy Walston & the Business, Slim’s, Raleigh, NC, 07/30/10 – As someone who was used to seeing J. Roddy at the Ottobar in Baltimore, before the set at Slim’s, I kept eyeing the stage speculatively not quite sure the whole band would even fit on Slim’s postage stamp sized stage. It was a tight fit and a packed crowd and a hot night. (Though, honestly there were so many people in Slim’s that it could have been 20 degrees outside and everyone would have gone home sweaty.) And the heat and the proximity just turned the dial on an already amazing band up one notch. photo set

The Casting Out, Devines, Durham, 08/10/10

8. The Casting Out supported by Jason Kutchma, Magician Michael Casey & Last Year’s Men, Devines, Durham, NC, 08/10/10 – I think this show might have been the most fun I’ve had shooting a show all year. There is no stage at Devines, putting the crowd and camera at eye level. Nathan Gray is such a dynamic lead singer. As you can see from the photo on this post at one point my camera was over his head as he laid on the cement and sang his heart out. Magic Mike & Jason Kutchma make any show better, and then after The Casting Out were done, Last Year’s Men set up and blew through a quick set as a night cap. photo set

The Butchies, Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC, 07/21/10

9. The Butchies supported by Pink Flag, Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC, 07/21/10 – I really don’t have words for how happy this show made me. I wasn’t expecting a Butchies reunion show and I didn’t think it’d be exactly what I needed to hear. But it happened, and it was right. Just a wonderfully fun night. Everyone in the band and in the crowd had ear to ear grins before the night was over. photo set

Two Cow Garage, Kings, Raleigh, 10/17/10

10. Two Cow Garage supported by Dave Hause, Kings Barcade, Raleigh, NC, 10/17/10 – Two Cow Garage were great. I’d been waiting a long time to see them and they didn’t disappoint. Dave Hause was magnificent. I’d been talking him up to many of the folks there to see Two Cow and he lived up to the bill and brought a little piece of my former mid-Atlantic home with him to Raleigh. photo set

Langhorne Slim, Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC, 06/09/10

11. Langhorne Slim, Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC, 06/09/10 – There aren’t many bands that can take their whole band and pull then to the front of the stage, unplugged and hold a full and loud Cradle crowd in the moment they are creating. But Langhorne Slim & his band did it here. (And The National did a similarly amazing thing later in the year in Raleigh as well.) It was a moment so beautiful that I got goose bumps. Just stunning. photo set

Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm, Papa Mojo's, Durham NC, 05/21/10

12. Cedric Burnside & Lightnin’ Malcolm, Papa Mojo’s, Durham, NC, 05/21/10 – Sometimes a show is more than the sum of its parts. This one was exactly the right show at the moment I needed to hear it. Some days the right answer is a great driving blues show with a dance floor. photo set