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Duke/Cincinnati, 12/27

Tie Game. 7:24 to go., originally uploaded by Ash Crowe.

At the beginning of the season I told friends and coworkers that I thought this Duke team would back a bowl game. Everyone laughed.

And yet

This wasn’t supposed to end this way: victory over UNC, first bowl game in 18 years, amazing crowd cheering the team on at the bowl… That story should end with a victory, but football is a cruel game.

Still, though, during the final play a familiar Duke basketball rang through the football stadium: Thank You Seniors! Thank You Seniors! Thank You Seniors!

Jackson Anderson, Kenny Anunike, Lee Butler, Jordon Byas, Walt Canty, Teddy Force, Tony Foster, Austin Gamble, Travis Gibson, Conor Irwin, Patrick Kurunwune, Brian Moore, Sean Renfree, Desmond Scott, Conner Vernon

Thanks y’all.

With special thanks to Sean Renfree & Conner Vernon.

Hopefully building on your four years next year, hopefully we’ll be back at a bowl game next year, hopefully it’ll end better.

And isn’t it nice to end a Duke football season not just with the familiar pain and heartbreak, but also with pride and hope.

Once in a blue moon pigs fly



My Duke hat: beloved and forlorn on the bleachers at Wallace Wade last night. The hat has seen me through happy basketball times and so many sad football times.
It gets thrown, worried, worn (and dirty, obviously).
This hat and I deserve better football than we saw last night. Basketball will give back what football takes, eventually.
But for now, this hat and I are in for another long football season.

Against Strong Odds

I’ve been built up and trusted, broke down and busted
But they’ll get theirs and we’ll get ours if we can
Just hold on

– Big Star, “The Ballad of El Goodo”

At least the weather was nice?

Blimp over Wallace Wade, 09/18/10, originally uploaded by Ash Crowe.

The actual football of yesterday’s Duke vs. Alabama game was pretty awful from a Duke perspective. Bama’s offense is just scary good.

I’ve seen worse football beat downs – both in terms of score (I watched the Gamecocks lose 72-0 in the rain once) and heartbreak (wikipedia tells me the score was actually 49-21 but the Duke loss to Texas Tech in 1989 will always and forever be the worse football loss I’ve seen. I loved that team so much; I was ten; Clarkston Hines will always be my favorite Blue Devil football player; and I remember 4 things from that game: 1) getting a pass picked off in the end-zone 2) it was Spurrier’s last game with Duke 3) watching the Tech cheerleaders do a seemingly endless number of pushups after points scored 4) HEARTBREAK.). But yesterday’s loss to Alabama was a darn sound beating.

Other than the actual football, though, it was alot of fun. It was great to see Wallace Wade overflowing with people (more the 1/3 of which were Duke fans – better than usual, actually). There was a real spectacle environment and alot of excitement. Duke football should have these things more often. The 10 year old in me who got her heartbroken, still hopes year after year for another Duke football team I can love, hopefully one that doesn’t end in heartbreak. And yesterday proved, if nothing else, that it could be possible again. Our defense just needs to get ALOT better.

Still, at this point in the season a bowl game is still possible (a 8-4 record isn’t beyond our grasp). And the weather really was perfect: 90 and sunny. Baking in the sun, watching football. By the next home game I go to, there will be a cool crisp of fall in the air so it was nice to enjoy the last gasp of summer weather.

More enjoying the weather this afternoon w/ the last outdoor concert I’ll go to this year: American Aquarium & Drive-By Truckers outside the Lincoln. The weather is perfect, time for a rock show.


So many bands this weekend.
If I could bend time, there are 35 bands I’d like to see in the next three days. Sadly, as I do not posses that skill I’ll probably end up seeing somewhere closer to 20 or 25 bands I really want to see. Which is pretty amazing actually.
Predicted Order: Kings, Foundation, Lincoln, Pour House, SLEEP, Kings, Pour House, Kings, City Plaza, Pour House, Deep South, SLEEP, Times, Pour House, Tir Na Nog, City Plaza, Deep South, Lincoln, Pour House, SLEEP.

Happy Football Season

Friday night when I came home, it still felt like summer, hot even at midnight. But Saturday morning when I woke up, there was a cool hint of fall in the air, perfect weather like the world knew it was the start of football season.
Not only the the start of football but, for Duke, a win. Feels good to start the season 1-0.
Happy Football Season!

It is Mark Ingram’s world tonight.

That was a beautiful, beautiful football game played by Alabama tonight. Man, they laid a walloping on Florida.

Quote most relevant to tonight’s game:

“When they get done getting you all bloody, they look at you and they go ‘Do you want some more?’ and then make you answer”
-Mike Cooley explaining what an Alabama Ass Whuppin’ is on the live album of the same name