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Favorite Shows of 2012

Following up on yesterday’s post. My 10 favorite shows of the year.

Red Collar, Local 506, Chapel Hill NC, 1/14/12
1. 1/14/12 – Red Collar w/ Spider Bags & Rat Jackson – Local 506
I love when a show early in the year sets the bar high. And all year long no single show topped this one. Just a fantastic kick start to the year. From Rat Jackson covering Alan Jackson to Reese McHenry joining Spider Bags on stage to the energy and passion Red Collar poured into every moment – this show was packed full of memorable moments. photo set

John Darnielle, Mac McCaughan, & Greg Cartwright, Protect All NC Families Benefit, Motorco, Durham NC, 04/19/12
2. 4/19/12 – John Darnielle, Mac McCaughan & Greg Cartwright – Motorco
Amazing night for a great cause. A completely unique chance to see these three songwriters trade songs and play off each other. photo set

Des Ark, Local Beer Local Band, Tir Na Nog, Raleigh NC, 05/10/12
3. 5/10/12 – Des Ark w/Midtown Dickens – Tir Na Nog
The best show Local Beer Local Band show I saw all year. But what really makes this night stand so high on my list is that it was exactly the show I needed at that moment. photo set

Lucero, Orange Peel, Asheville NC, 04/27/12
4. 4/27/12 – Lucero w/J Roddy Walston & The Business – Orange Peel
This show was nearly a shoe in, after all we decided to drive to Asheville to see the combo of Lucero w/ J Roddy opening. At the same time it was a show I had mighty high expectations for. They were more than met. photo set

Bombadil, The Farm, Hillsborough NC, 06/09/12
5. 6/9/12 – Bombadil w/ JKutchma & the 5/5ths- The Farm
I really hope there are more shows at The Farm next year. Absolutely a stunning place to see a show. The scenrey adds to the music; the chance sit in a chair on the grass listening to great local music chorus with the sounds of night setting in on a summer night. photo set

Reigning Sound, Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC, 08/24/12
6. 8/24/12 – Reigning Sound w/Last Year’s Men – Nightlight
Reigning Sound at Nightlight? Yes, please. photo set

Team Dresch, Pinhook, Durham NC, 09/29/12
7. 9/29/12 – Team Dresch w/ The Butchies & The Tomboys – Pinhook outdoor stage
Another year, another amazing Pinhook concert for Pride. This year, finally, the chance to see Team Dresch. photo set

Ted Leo, Duke Coffeehouse, Durham NC, 02/18/12
8. 2/18/12 -Ted Leo w/ Mac McCaughan – Coffeehouse
Great night. Never had the chance to see Ted Leo play before this, but the highlight of the night may just have been McCaughan talking about the first show he saw at the Coffeehouse. photo set

Vandaveer, Local 506, Chapel Hill NC, 05/11/12
9. 5/11/12 – Vandaveer – Local 506
I love to see full shows, and am saddened when a band doesn’t draw as well as I hoped. And man, y’all all missed this one. It meant we got to sit on the riser at 506 and enjoy an amazing and intimate Vandaveer show. Lovely. photo set

Crooked Fingers, Kings, Raleigh NC, 01/06/12
10. 1/6/12 – Crooked Fingers w/ Mount Moriah – Kings
What a great way to kick off the year. A packed Kings, great sets by both bands.

Up next in the year count down: favorite videos & favorite photos.


Reigning Sound, Nightlight

Took a little break from this blog and from shooting shows to focus on some other things. But this past weekend was a lovely, lovely return. Starting with Reigning Sound at Nightlight.

Reigning Sound, Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC, 08/24/12

Great crowd, and amazing to finally get to see Reigning Sound.

Last Year's Men, Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC, 08/24/12

Last Year’s Men opened with a great set.

Last Year's Men, Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC, 08/24/12

Full photo set here

Hammer No More The Fingers, Nightlight

Free Electric State, Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC, 11/18/11
Free Electric State opened

Onward Soldiers, Nightlight

The other half of my night on Friday was the show at Nightlight w/ Onward Soldiers, Effingham, and The Pnuerotics.
It was a delight to be able to go back and forth between Nightlight and the Cave on Friday. Catching each band playing at each bar.
It was even more of a delight to finally solve the puzzle of the Nightlight’s light with proper angles and white balance. I like the high contrast black & white I’ve shot at Nightlight, but I almost always prefer my shots in color and with no post processing.

Full set from the show here


Great set last night by JKutchma.
A month on the road has added a beautiful polish and finesse to his songs.
Come out to Slim’s tonight or Motorco for brunch on Sunday, welcome him home & enjoy a great show.

Don’t Rock The Boat….

What to say about the new Des Ark album? It is fantastic for one. It makes demands of you for two. It isn’t an easy listen; it skitters and stops and changes in tempo and mood and everything else. But if you are paying attention, it makes sense as one combined piece. And it is great.

Park Inside Overnight

A curious piece of ephemera on the sidewalk outside of Nightlight. I don’t know about y’all but I’d read a story with this post-it featured in the tale.